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Letter: Where are the females on the Freud Five?

I was reading the 2019-20 local preps basketball recap this evening, aptly named the “Freud Five,” and had to read it twice to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. I find it incredibly hard to believe that Chris Freud could come up with a lot more than five Eagle County basketball players for his dream team (and a bench-load of honorable mentions, too!) and not list a single female player. 

I’ve been out of the valley for two years, but Kaitlin Medina and Gabby Caballero were menaces when they were freshmen/sophomores (this article does list them as first-team honorees), and I’m hard-pressed to believe that there aren’t other young women in those gyms working day in and day out just to be snubbed by our local preps guy. 

Freud, you write a lot about the power of sports as spaces for learning, growth, and community building. As someone who did her time in the Eagle County Preps bubble and now finds herself practically teamless, I can affirm that sports (especially in a small valley like ours) are all of those incredible things and more. It’s fun to keep up with the sports teams that helped raise me, but I am more than worried about what we all will learn from such blatant disregard for girls’ sports. Female athletes face enough adversity in this world — we don’t need it to start when our own girls are just getting started. 

Brennecke Gale

Eagle Valley Class of 2018, Stanford University Class of 2022

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