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Letter: Where is the outrage? Where is the surprise?

Thank you, Eagle County Commissioners, for standing up for truth and justice. Lauren Boebert is indeed an embarrassment to Colorado. We would not be at this level of hate and divisiveness if people would have stood up to outlandish lies, misinformation, racism and corruption these past four years.

Long past overdue to call crazy where crazy is do.

One could write volumes on why conspiracy theories are so pervasive. The short answer would be folks are fear-based, lazy, uneducated and looking for easy answers to complex problems. Did I include uneducated, misinformed and uninformed? No time to expand on this. Bottom line for me, Trump is in breach of his oath of office.

Once again, Eagle County Commissioners, thank you for stepping out of the courage-free zone and speaking to truth and accountability. Trump’s actions Jan. 6 were nothing short of illegal and treasonous.

We all, each and every one of us, have work to do in deciding what kind of world we want to leave our grandchildren and their grandchildren.

Ted Seipel


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