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Letter: Where’s the balance?

On Sept. 19, the Vail Daily’s featured article was four pages complete with five colored photos of Lauren Boebert — the Republican candidate for CD-3.  The article noted that she has no legislative experience, is unfamiliar with the important issues that impact Western Colorado, has a checkered past, and may be a QAnon supporter.

The Sunday Vail Daily published a half page article on page 4 with a single black and white photo of Diane Mitsch Bush — the Democratic candidate for CD-3. The Vail Daily noted that Mitsch Bush has served in the Colorado house, has a reputation for pragmatic compromise, and knows the issues that are important to Colorado.

The contrasting approach to coverage of the two candidates seems inherently unfair as it emphasizes flamboyance over substance, personality over knowledge, and ideology over accomplishment. Let’s hope future coverage of this critical election and the two candidates is fairer and more balanced.

Bob Wilhelm 


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