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Letter: Where’s the Vail Valley again?

Come on, Vail Daily.

Why does your newspaper persist in using the term “Vail Valley” for everything?

In an Aug. 1 Walking Mountains Science Center Hike of the Week column, the headline stated, “Experience a full slice of Vail Valley on the Iron Edge Loop.” The article described a hike in the Brush Creek Valley, with the trailhead located at least 15 miles south of Eagle, nowhere near Vail. If the writer would have substituted “Brush Creek” for “Vail Valley” the headline would have been accurate.

In fact, there is no such place as the “Vail Valley.” I’m guessing that the Walking Mountains staff is a bit embarrassed by the Vail Daily’s use of an inaccurate headline to describe an accurate article written by a science-based educational organization. 

I understand why realtors, developers and resort companies use the “Vail Valley” name  for marketing. But that doesn’t mean your newspaper should continue to perpetuate this erroneous term. Referring to the Eagle Valley as the “Vail Valley” is a stretch. Labeling the Brush Creek valley as the “Vail Valley” is ridiculous.

Bill Heicher


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