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Letter: Whether sheep survive is up to us

The fate of the bighorn sheep in our valley depends on whether they will be able to remain on their winter habitat in East Vail or not. Housing is highly important, but there are other locations — Timber Creek, Buzzard Park to name two — that would be more appropriate, and far less damaging to the open lands and wildlife we have worked hard to conserve since the town was founded.

Our community has the opportunity to make a fateful decision. The town should enter into negotiations with the property owner of the East Vail parcel to set aside this important area for the bighorn sheep in perpetuity. If no agreement can be reached, condemnation is our only option.

We can not let the last remaining herd disappear from our valley. This is a historic opportunity to show the world that we are serious about our concern for wildlife.

Whether the bighorn sheep live or die is up to us.

Josef Staufer

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