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Letter: Who does Mountain Rec represent?

Based on the open house held last Wednesday, Mountain Recreation officials clearly aren’t representing the majority of taxpayers. While last November’s ballot question for $60 million was narrowly defeated by 261 votes, the board only focused on the 3,500 yes votes that they expect to remain for the new ask of $40 million. Board member Mike McCormack said they just had to “change” 135 votes to win. It’s clear he doesn’t care to represent the 3,939 voters who do not support an increase in Mountain Rec’s property tax collections.

It’s important to note that McCormack is also the registered agent of the Yes for 6A political committee that spent over $25,000 on the November election. Where did that money come from? $25,000 came from Vail Health, which stands to benefit from new facilities it won’t have to pay to construct. Howard Head Sports Medicine currently rents in both the Edwards Field House and the Gypsum Rec Center facilities. Financial supporters of this issue all appear to have a direct financial interest in the issue passing.

During the open house meeting, hockey and ice lovers asked for the opportunity to discuss the great need for additional ice to give some sort of relief for their over-used ice in Eagle. A request by this group to move the ballot ask to November, so the district can take the time to listen to a larger group of users was met with “too late” and “not in this phase” comments from the district board.

It’s clear from Mountain Rec’s quick turnaround to ask the voters for increased taxes that officials don’t care what the people they are supposed to represent think.

Remember, these people are supposed to represent us, not themselves and corporate sponsors.

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Joanna Kerwin


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