Letter: Who writes for any politician?

In regard to a letter to the editor published on April 6, the writer seems to be somewhat astonished, or maybe just being in awe, that a column “written by” Rep. Lauren Boerbert was actually written by her. He writes that “the esteemed Boebert did not write the column — someone else wrote it for her” (astonishment) and then he goes on to state why he “knows” this.

He “knows” that she did not write it because in it, the word ‘platitude“ was used. He goes on to write that ”anyone who has ever heard Boebert publicly speak knows that she does not use such words,“ and given ”his knowledge“ that if pressed for a definition she would most likely state with unwavering certainty (whatever).

Maybe the writer actually believes that President Biden actually writes his own speeches, or even more so, that President Biden can even read them.

Dennis O’Halloran


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