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Letter: Who’s being fooled?

To Jay Wissot: After reading your column in the June 24 edition of the Vail Daily, I find it rather perplexing as to why anyone (you in this case) would openly advertise their naivity and ignorance all in one section of their own column? Fast forward through the Lance Armstrong and Kentucky Derby stuff (factual, old news) right to the Joe Biden/Trump/Fox News material.

Without calling you a flat-out fool, it is apparent from your arrogant and authoritative viewpoints that you clearly have been “fooled” by the current administration as well as the corporate mainstream media. Perhaps you could put some effort into discovering the real truth about the radical left wing agenda and what’s really happening in today’s America by doing some real journalistic digging.

Maybe you should start back to 2008, when the Obama administration laid the asphalt for the road to socialism in America that suddenly came to a gridlock when Trump won. … Hilary was not supposed to lose. Biden is simply the puppet with a pen that signs anything that’s put on his desk, that is destroying our borders, school systems, energy dependency, small businesses and jobs … just to name a few.

Well, you are right about your quote on one-third of this country losing their marbles and the other two-thirds that haven’t. … I myself take pride and comfort in being part of the two-thirds that haven’t lost their marbles who happens to watch Fox News (still rated No. 1) and Newsmax, as well as reading The Epoch Times.

In closing, keep in mind that common sense was not only optional at birth, it was also free. It’s a shame to continuously see people who decided not to exercise that option.

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Mark O’Sullivan


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