Letter: Who’s divisive?

I applaud the Vail Daily for publishing the contribution from Cal Thomas,  “Who’s Divisive?” All too often too many publications, for whatever their reason, ignore alternative opinion, even if they’re based on fact. 

As a former Libertarian, my habit has been to look at the pros and cons of both major parties. As a result, I am finding that the present state of affairs in the U.S.A. (notwithstanding the current pandemic), is clearly represented by Mr. Thomas’ concise presentation.

Regaining power is important to the Democrats as they seek to do whatever might lead to their winning the new election. Their attempts to oust Donald Trump failed despite spending millions of our tax dollars knowingly promoting fraudulent accusations. It has become clear that by trying to create open borders, free education and Medicare for all, regardless of the impossible costs, they’re hoping that all immigrants, legal or illegal, will surely cast their vote for Biden, even if he has little or no control over what he says or what he plans to do. And even Biden is moving far left, just to gain power within his own party; no principles.

Thank you, Cal Thomas.

Warren Rothstein

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