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Letter: Who’s the expert on income inequality?

Someone asked me if I read the letter from Mark Kogan regarding Butch Mazzuca’s column last week. I had not, so I took the time to read it and then to read the column by Mazzuca that had set Kogan off. After reading the original column, I then went back and read Kogan’s letter again. I now have a better understanding of why he wrote it. By having lived in Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Boston and London and having just recently returned from a visit to L.A., Kogan is an expert in understanding the root cause of homelessness and the housing crisis in virtually every major city today. 

I think Mazzuca should not be writing any more columns until he goes and lives in each of these cities so that he too gains a  better understanding of the plight of the homeless and the reasons for the housing crisis in America as Kogan does. After all, by living here in Vail Valley there is no way Mazzuca can understand what is happening in the real world as does Kogan. Kogan then writes that Mr. Mazzuca states that “this income inequality is often self-inflicted.” So I once again read the column written by Mazzuca and could not find where he wrote that it is “often self-inflicted,” but given Kogan’s worldly travels and total understanding of the issues, grasp that it must be inferred given the fact that Mazzuca is just “simply one more tone-deaf, privileged white guy who doesn’t have a clue about the real problems that real people in America face on a daily basis.” Maybe the real problem isn’t in our economic system, but more so in who is leading each of the great cities that Kogan has lived in.

Dennis O’Halloran


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