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Letter: Why aren’t supermarket workers wearing masks?

Supermarket employees should actually wear the masks they now have, not just dangle them around their necks. I was shopping in the City Market in Avon today and I would say about 1/3 of the employees I saw were wearing protective masks around their necks instead of over their mouths and noses. A few more wore the masks over their mouths, but not their noses.

I actually spoke to someone at the front desk to point out that employees were doing this and suggest they do training for their employees on how to wear the masks and the importance of doing so correctly to protect themselves, other employees and those shopping in the store. The person at the desk merely nodded.

Most shoppers, including myself, were wearing masks over their mouths and noses. There is no doubt the masks are uncomfortable to wear, and it must be very hard to wear them for a whole workday. But it essential for workers’ and shoppers’ health that they do so. Are we serious about bringing down the infection rate of COVID-19, or not?

Susan Thistlethwaite


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