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Letter: Why, Avon Town Council?

Why is the Avon Town Council just rubber-stamping anything and everything that East West Development wants to do? Are councilmembers in East West’s pockets? Getting kickbacks? They certainly are not representing the best interests of Avon residents or, for that matter, Avon visitors.

Who wants to live or vacation in an overdeveloped, overcrowded town where there is little open space or beauty left to enjoy? The Eagle River? Becoming inaccessible and invisible through downtown Avon and beyond. Every little postage stamp of land near the river is being covered with more monstrous buildings that block out the mountain views and river access. Move the Eagle River walkway, so popular with walkers, joggers, cyclists, and families with children and dogs? Why don’t you just push us all into the river?

In the 10 years that my husband and I have owned a condo in the Lodge at  Brookside, the traffic and noise level on Highway 6 has increased dramatically, as has the number of people using the Eagle River walkway and Nottingham Lake, and The Riverfront development has encroached on the serenity and charm of the Eagle River walkway. Avon is being strangled and ruined by overdevelopment and overcrowding.

Monica Perin


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