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Letter: Why Ballot Issue A is important to the Vail Recreation District

During its Tuesday, Oct. 17, evening meeting, the Vail Town Council unanimously approved a resolution of support for the Vail Recreation District’s Ballot Issue A. A few nights later, during the town of Vail council candidate forum, all 10 candidates also proclaimed their support for Ballot Issue A. Fortunately, these Vail residents all realize the public benefits VRD programs provide the community. VRD now needs the community to help us.

VRD has not increased its tax rate in 24 years, while increasing services and programing. We are now asking for a $36 tax increase on a home valued at $500,000. This mill levy increase will allow VRD to continue to perform our mission to provide quality, affordable recreation to Vail residents and guests.

Whether or not you enjoy our programs, you must realize that they have become an indispensable ingredient of the Vail resort life for locals and guests alike. People travel from all over the world to recreate in Vail. Help us upgrade and maintain safe, modern and environmentally friendly facilities for our locals and guests.


Tom Saalfeld

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