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Letter: Why not develop East Vail parcel for workforce housing?

As a Vail Valley business owner and owner of commercial office space in the Gateway building, I would like to weigh in on the East Vail housing parcel.

I am in favor of the use of the parcel for deed-restricted, workforce housing in a public-private venture between the town of Vail and Vail Resorts.

Simply, why wouldn’t we develop, for workforce housing, a key parcel, on the bus route, on the edge of town that doesn’t negatively impact view corridors of current residents?

Isn’t workforce housing the single biggest issue facing the continued success of this magnificent resort community?

My understanding is that, of the 23.3 acres, the eastern two-thirds would be preserved as a 17.9-acre Natural Area Preservation district — the town’s most restrictive zone district. The remaining six acres would be rezoned to the Housing zone district, the town’s zone dedicated to deed-restricted, workforce housing for seasonal and workforce residents.

I’ve seen well-planned and well-designed deed-restricted housing work incredibly well in resorts throughout the Rockies and have friends who have enjoyed raising their families “in town” in resorts from Aspen to Mammoth.

Vail has always been, and remains, a leader in resort and community standards the world over. I hope we, as a community, realize we have an opportunity to make a dent in the housing shortage problem.

Again, why wouldn’t we?


Patricia E. Peeples


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