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Letter: Why nothing is getting done in America

Today I witnessed another first in the presidency of the United States. As Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and President Donald Trump were scheduled to have a meeting to help solve the infrastructure problems in our country, the president acted like a little boy, taking his toys and going home, and refused to do anything unless Chuck and Nancy stop trying to get his tax returns or stop trying to get to the bottom of his shady deals with the Russians, his lies, his ignoring of the emoluments clause and all the other things he’s done before becoming president and since becoming president.

Yesterday I was introduced to a new senior at the luncheon as an “agitator” because I write letters to the editor. Hello, who is the biggest agitator in our country these days? The president himself, I do believe, has the title. I never cease to be shocked at the ignorance of the people who are still believing the lies of Donald J. Trump and simply refusing to listen to any truths being told about this president and our country.

Infrastructure is just one of the many issues that need to be addressed. From gun control, immigration, sluggish wages for so many people working three jobs to survive, affordable health care, women’s rights, affordable housing, climate change and global warming.

Republicans, why do you suppose he is fighting so hard so none of us see his tax returns and why he is fighting so hard for all of you not to see the full Mueller report and fighting and not allowing any of the people to testify before us, the American people! It’s common sense to me that if he was innocent and had nothing to hide, he would allow us to see his tax returns and allow people who used to work for him to come forward to answer questions from the folks in the House of Representatives.

I am devastated at what this lawless President is getting away with, and for the future of America. It is time to impeach, is it not?

Linda Carr


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