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Letter: Wildlife and fireworks don’t mix

It’s time we start prioritizing the needs of our wildlife neighbors when making decisions that negatively impact them. We are blessed to live and play in a mountain community, where if we’re lucky we can see moose, elk, deer, bighorn sheep and other wildlife out our front door. We have a responsibility to be good neighbors.

Beaver Creek and Steamboat are currently setting off firework displays and one is even bragging about how huge its displays are — seriously?

Countless wildlife experts have tried to impress upon us to not disturb wildlife during this critical season of survival. Winter is beyond tough for wildlife to find food, and for those mothers carrying the next generation, they especially need to preserve their energy to ensure healthy young are born in the spring.

Put yourself in their shoes for a moment — out of nowhere there are earth-shattering sounds cracking all around them and the sky is lit up like lightning. Their hearts start to race and they run for their lives through snow, sometimes chest-deep, to get away. That alone is an exertion of energy that could make the difference between life and death for them and for their young.

Are fireworks worth the lives of our wildlife? No way!

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It’s time we join Breckenridge and walk our talk. If we value our wildlife the way we say we do, the fireworks must stop!

Jacci McKenna


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