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Letter: Will Boebert be a lawmaker or a lawbreaker?

Let’s be clear about Lauren Boebert. The people of the 3rd Congressional District elected her fairly, and resoundingly. And, while she denies the legitimacy of the very election that elevated her to office, she is the duly elected representative. The issues important to her far-ranging and diverse district are myriad and complicated. Issues such as resource extraction on federal lands, adoption of alternative energy sources, climate impacts upon agriculture, water and air quality, wildfires, immigration, growth and … yes … gun regulation.

One hopes that she will take her role as a lawmaker seriously and see herself as a representative for all of her constituents, whether they voted for her or not. Unfortunately, in reviewing her first months in office, this doesn’t yet seem to be the case. As her first official act, even before she could find her own parking spot, she sought to cement her aspiring reputation as a rebellious firebrand and Trump loyalist by voting against certification of the election. Now … while that was absolutely her prerogative and not against any law, she has since chosen several times to exhibit her sense of impunity and a total lack of humility by disregarding required security measures and established standards of behavior, not jut for members of Congress but for any responsible individual.

A strong two-party system is as integral to the checks and balances of governing as our three branches of government. Without dissention and compromise in the crafting of laws and the policies they implement, the party in power would run roughshod. It is incumbent upon each side of an issue to present viable and thoughtful positions for consideration and debate.

Unfortunately, the modern GOP seems to no longer stand for policy positions, but rather ideological dogma that relies upon demonizing the other side with red meat and dog whistles designed to pivot and distract. Socialist! Liberal! Progressive! Far-leftist! Anti-gun!

To be sure, both sides of the aisle have been guilty of this, but none so much as the new GOP in the era of Trump, whose open and blatant indifference and malice toward any perceived enemy was arrogantly on display for the last five years. As conservative columnist David Brooks observed, “Trumpism is a media strategy, not a political philosophy; it’s a bid to win endless attention and stoke enmity.”

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Boebert has earned her seat in Congress. She can choose to be a bomb-throwing, social media darling and perpetuate this downward spiral to incivility, or she can, with humility and dignity, learn and seek avenues to solve some of the serious problems facing her constituents with thoughtful and creative solutions.

The question now is whether she chooses to be a lawmaker or a lawbreaker.

Howard Leavitt


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