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Letter: Will miss Mazzuca’s voice on the Vail Daily commentary pages

Editor’s note: Butch Mazzuca’s columns appeared weekly in the Vail Daily for 15 years. Following publication of his Monday, Sept. 4, column, Mazzuca went on hiatus at his own request, with an open invitation to return to his slot on the commentary pages if he ever desires to do so.

This letter is in response to Mr. Mazzuca’s announcement of his hiatus from the Vail Daily. I started reading his articles several years ago while visiting friends in Vail. Since then, my friend has sent me the articles when they appear in the Daily. It seems as though there are fewer and fewer each year.

Mr. Mazzuca writes extremely well. He is concise, well informed and very entertaining. His research on his topics is always quite extensive, as seen in his last article.

I agree with the majority of his conclusions, and it is quite refreshing to see these views in print, especially from the Vail Daily.

I would hate to see this voice silenced. A news publication has a responsibility to allow all sides to express their opinion. Otherwise, the publication simply becomes a voice of management, and that is propaganda, not news. Please encourage Mr. Muzzua to return to the Daily and resume his commentary.

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By the way, I hope Tom Smith doesn’t decide to take an hiatus, too.

Dr. Richard Lee


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