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Letter: With Trump, Republicans choose party before personality, principles before politics

Dear Mr. Carnes: In one sentence, I can reply and answer your question regarding our President. It does not even take a complete sentence: Party before personality, principles before politics.

What you and the “resistance” do not understand is that we the people elected a president to head the party that is dedicated to the principles in which we believe. I, for one, could have voted for Alfred E. Newman, as long as the principles of the Republican Party could be proposed, enacted and followed. We needed a Republican president who could and would sign bills passed by a forthright Republican Congress.

You mention character. If you review your history, I think you would find many, many examples of past presidents whose character was called into question. This might include drunkards, slaveholders, debauchers and scoundrels, all of whom were considered to have accomplished great things before and/or after being elected.

Not to mention too many names, but an often-inebriated Ulysses S. Grant (who led the North to victory), James K. Polk (who bought slaves even as President but directed the expansion of the United States to the Pacific Coast, which led the United States to become a world power) and John Kennedy (we all know the story there). There is a very long list of presidential characters with flaws. Presidents are men, and men (and women!) have flaws!

Back to the principles and accomplishments which the Republican Party has achieved in the past 12 months. We have a new conservative Supreme Court Justice. We have the first major tax reform bill in 30 years, which has allowed a major contribution to the balance sheets of 401(K)s, pension funds and IRAs for nearly every American. We have a new estate tax limit, which allows small businesses, ranchers and farmers to pass on their businesses to their heirs without having to “sell the farm.”

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We have a great reduction in federal regulations, which have dogged business expansion for years under previous administrations. We are finally beginning to address the illegal immigrant crisis, which was totally and purposely allowed to continue to be an issue during the last administration when it controlled both houses of Congress and the Presidency.

In foreign policy, we are beginning to gain respect around the world through actions, rather than words. Do you remember the line Mr. Assad was not to cross, after which he violated every country’s international standards by gassing his own citizens? In Mr. Trump’s administration, cruise missiles seem to have solved that problem.

While I might not agree with Mr. Trump’s tweets, his less-than-candid remarks and other possible misadventures, I really don’t care and don’t bother to listen! What I do care about is actionable items that improve the lot of the American people. And remember what our choice was on Election Day. Not only did we not agree with the leftist, anti-capitalist leanings of Mrs. Clinton, Sen. Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, etc., but we had an opposing candidate who likely committed national security criminal acts and who simply was not considered to be a genuine, honest person.

I hope this helps you in your solicitation for a response. What we really think about the Trump mania by you and your fellow Democrats is that your core principles such as a distribution, socialist economy just aren’t going to have a chance under a Republican governed country. And, thus, your bitterness continues to be taken out on the President, since that is about all you can do in the face of the loss of governing by your party.

You should look beyond the personality: Look at results, throw in the towel, and vote Republican!


Robert Truscheit

Vail and Evergreen

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