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Letter: Woolley for Eagle County Commissioner

Extraordinary times require leaders of extraordinary character, determination and focus. Jennifer Woolley is that leader for Eagle County.  Pandemic, civil unrest, injustice, and a national election affect us all.  There are many issues that need to be addressed and a focused leader knows that she must focus on what matters most for our county at this moment in time.

Jennifer Woolley wants to Keep Eagle County Open! She knows that for Eagle County to be successful, government, businesses and schools must remain open. Jennifer Woolley is determined to listen to the community, business owners, and parents of school-aged children to find solutions that will allow businesses such as restaurants to safely operate at full capacity and allow schools to safely expand face to face learning. 

Woolley has the good character to gather community leaders and stakeholders to collaborate and implement solutions that will allow Eagle County not only to survive but thrive in 2020-2021. She knows that if the largest employer in the county, Vail Resorts, can make a determination that at-home health screening is the safest approach for its employees, then why is that not the best approach for our businesses and most importantly our schools. Jennifer Woolley needs your vote for Eagle County Commissioner to work for our community. I encourage you to vote for Jennifer Woolley. 

Mike McClinton


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