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Letter: World War Four could devastate the planet through global warming

Peter Bergh

World War IV threatens our survival

Immediately following the end of World War II, the globe became even more polarized and World War III began with potentially devastating consequences due to the dawn of the nuclear age and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Today, three-quarters of a century later, World War III has drawn to a likely cold, stalemated ending due to the reality of mutual assured destruction; however, most alarmingly, a recent survey found that less than 10 percent of the population of this country is aware of the beginning of World War IV, which portends to be the mother of all wars and threatens our very survival as a species.

The single, exceptionally powerful weaponry now being deployed around the globe in World War IV is of our own individual production, carbon dioxide; and has resulted in what has become rapidly accelerating global warming/climate change.

Of grave concern should be the fact that one of the two most powerful, and polluting, nations on Earth has an economy based on the ever-increasing consumption of stuff, a madman president who denies that global warming is even occurring and the majority of its population unaware or oblivious to the clear and present danger.

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The reality of the existence of global warming has been documented by some 93 percent of climate scientists from around the world. I urge all of your readers to look up a concise and informative article on the subject in last November’s issue of the New Yorker magazine written by Bill McKibben and titled “How Extreme Weather is Shrinking the Planet,” and after absorbing what we are faced with, do whatever they can to help educate the powers that be about the impending danger and demand effective action.

Bottom line: The combined thoughtless/unknowing actions of a single species in a single generation, my own, has greatly accelerated global warming/climate change; and the best minds in the field of environmental science are now warning that we have no more than a single decade to reverse global warming if our species is to survive for more than a few more generations.

Peter Bergh


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