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Letter: Yes on 2A, Coggin, Davis and Seibert for Vail’s future

Vail is at a critical point in our evolution as a community. As a small business manager, the lack of options for our employees to find reasonably priced housing is becoming a crippling challenge that if not addressed will be devastating for our local and guest experience. Already we are seeing restaurants and retail shops close down during the week and we’re not even in our peak winter season.

This election it is vital to elect candidates that are willing to act to support the creation of housing for our community. Whether it’s through the InDEED program that helps locals buy existing homes or through potential future partnerships with Minturn, Avon, and Eagle County, we need community leaders that are committed to seeking creative solutions to address this problem. I believe Travis Coggin, Barry Davis and Pete Seibert are the best candidates for the town of Vail’s future.

In addition to electing Travis, Barry and Pete, it’s important for our community to vote yes on 2A. This .5% tax will specifically support housing solutions and will not apply to food at the grocery store and put strain on locals. It will give our elected officials the critical funds they need to tackle our housing issues head on. Until now, all housing funds have come from the town’s general fund. Creating a dedicated fund for housing will allow the town of Vail to use general fund dollars to continue to fund the excellent municipal services we’re known for around the world.

Our housing challenges will require creative solutions, valley-wide partnerships, political will and the funds to make them a reality. Supporting 2A, Travis Coggin, Barry Davis, and Pete Seibert is the right decision for our community’s future.

Mackenzie Hanna, Craniologie operations manager

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