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Letter: Your opinions about Eagle-Vail governance aren’t news

News is news, and spin is spin, and when you introduce the second to the first, what you have isn’t news anymore. Hey, presto, you’ve created opinion.

Being able to be presented with differing opinions is one of the glories of a free media, and it should make people stop and think. But a lot of people don’t want to think. They don’t want to admit that whatever line is being touted by their idol of the moment might not be unbiased and without ulterior motive.

Pardon the expression, but I can smell the bulls–t from here. Conspiracies? Cover-ups? Cronyism? There are groups crazy enough to think tearing apart the little unincorporated community of Eagle-Vail is a good thing. Crazy enough to think we should reduce our covenant enforcement and/or design guidelines. Crazy enough to think that little old Eagle-Vail deserves Washington-style, Trump-ian politics and to read into rather innocuous comments regarding joint governance and spin it as an end to collaboration between our Metro Board and Property Owners Association board or to be offended by the use of accurate adjectives (i.e., “malcontent”) to describe their behavior.

They spin their opinions and present them as fact.

What is proven to work is working together to address community issues, to solve problems together. What has proven to be ineffective is to divide the community, to attempt to trash others and to pass budgets with operational deficits while touting the savings in annual fees. (I think this crew might need to visit the Steadman Clinic because they are at risk of throwing out their shoulders by patting themselves on the back so often.)

That’s why I’m voting for Lance Richards, Dan Ramker and Joanna Hopkins for the Eagle-Vail Property Owners Association. They offer the pragmatic leadership Eagle-Vail needs and they recognize that we are better together.

This piece is opinion. Take it as you will. But get your opinions and spin the hell away from the news.

Kari Corbin

Eagle-Vail resident since 1993

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