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Letters: June Creek Elementary students speak out

Editor’s note: After Eagle County Schools proposed closing June Creek Elementary due to shrinking enrollment, fourth-graders from teacher Kira Miller’s class wrote to the Vail Daily. The Vail Daily only runs letters with full names but is making an exception in this case. Following are letters in Spanish and English.

¡Mi familia y yo nos sentimos realmente felices de pertenecer a esta gran escuela!

June Creek, es para mi, mis hermanos y mi mama, nuestra segunda casa.

Desde que comenzamos a ser parte de June Creek, hace 2 años, nos hemos sentido muy queridos y comprendidos, hemos tenido apoyo de nuestra directora, de nuestra consejera, y de todas nuestras queridas maestras y maestros, todos son unos grandes seres humanos! Tenemos mucha suerte de compartir tiempo con ellos.

Nuestra escuela solo nos ha regalado momentos buenos y hemos aprendido a estudiar con amor, dedicación y paciencia, queremos seguir aprendiendo como hasta el 13 de marzo nuestras maestras nos han enseñado, siempre nos recuerdan las 7 mentalidades positivas! Eso nos hace trabajar aún mejor porque nos sentimos realmente motivados!

En June Creek nos sentimos valorados y comprendidos, en June Creek nos demuestran que los niños son primero, nada es más importante que el bienestar de los alumnos y sobre todo su educación.

¡Necesitamos nuestra escuela para seguir aprendiendo!



I can state that JCES is a really fun school. Our teachers and principal do the best they can to improve everyday moments in the school. They make up very good lessons and take their time making us good lessons that aren’t too hard or too easy to understand. Other than that, most kids in the school feel happy entering the school and seeing their friends and teachers, and I feel happy seeing my teachers teaching us every day, even in the hardest of times.

I feel happy and proud for my school as well as my family and friends. JCES makes an effort to teach us different things like P.E, art, music, technology, STEM (STEAM), and counseling class! They also make room for other programs like CTB or Wild West Day, or Girls in Science, Girls on the Run, and Power Hours. The June Creek Cougars are one of a kind. We aren’t just kids, we are a community of smart and active kids, teachers, secretaries, nurses, custodians, cafeteria staff, and our principal. This is why I think JCES is a really important part of our community.


There are three schools in our Edwards community, and there is a risk that one of them is going to close down: June Creek Elementary school. This is the school I currently am attending. I am currently in fourth grade, and I have studied in this school since kindergarten, meaning I have been in June Creek Elementary School for five years. These five years that I have spent were five years of great fun and learning.

The teachers and staff there are kind. June Creek Elementary School also offers bilingual learning opportunities for kids to learn in their native language since they have bilingual teachers that help in various subjects. This school also provides many specials to help better increase your learning in different subjects such as art, music, counseling, and gym. This is why I, and everyone at this school, believe that June Creek is the best school. So let’s help June Creek stay open for kids to learn!!!!!


Soy una estudiante en la escuela de June Creek y estoy escribiendo esta letra para que no cierren la escuela June Creek.

Yo he estado en la escuela de June Creek por 6 years y tengo muchas memorias de las

maestras y mis amigos que eran como ¨familia¨ para mi. Cuando se fue, una de las maestras, que tenía muchas memorias conmigo yo llore mucho, pero si se van todos mis amigos y maestras va ser más difícil olvidarme de ellos.

Por eso quiero que dejen la escuela de June Creek abierta.


Soy la mamá de una estudiante de June Creek, y quiero decirles porque no quiero que cierren la escuela de June Creek.

En mi opinion, para mi es una de las mejores escuelas. Yo tengo la experiencia con mis dos hijos y en este momento está mi niña cursando 4 grado. Es una decisión muy drástica que la quieran cerrar y mas en este momento que está pasando todo esto del COVID-19 porque los niños quieren regresar a su escuela y tener que darles esta noticia tan triste para ellos. Espero y tomen en cuenta la opinión de nosotros como padres de familia y pensar también en los niños y maestros de June Creek.

Muchas gracias por su comprensión,

La mamá de Kimberly

I have attended June Creek Elementary since I was in kindergarten. I knew very little English and all the amazing staff at June Creek helped me a lot through the years. I would feel so sad and depressed if they closed June Creek Elementary. If there is anything we can do to help keep it open, please let us know. We have lots of nice teachers in JCES. They help with many problems. Even if the problems are personal, we can still count on their support.


This is a poem I would like to share with my June Creek family:

Today is our last day together. It’s time to say goodbye. We are sad to see you go, but with your new class you will fly. Thank you for all that you taught us. We sure did learn a lot. All the laughs and our time together, will never be forgot. We wish you good luck. You are the best. What we say in our hearts. You will remain a special person to inspire us each and every day. Thank you for teaching us. We will miss you.


I am a student at June Creek. I am in fourth Grade. I have been there since kindergarten. I like my teachers, all the staff members, and all my classmates. It will make me really sad if they close June Creek Elementary school. It will affect all of us to make this big change in our lives.


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