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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Not black and white

First I would like to say I am proud of our troops. And as such, if we as Americans feel the war is right or wrong, we use our democratic system to support them, sticker or no, since that is the very thing our loved ones should be fighting for.

To put Dan Smith’s article, “Proud to Wear a Sticker,” in context: First, Dan’s “one study” as he put it, comes from the Heritage Foundation, which is a right-wing think tank that is funded by big toxic waste, oil, and chemical industries. This is well-documented. Their Web site even states the need to “strangle the enviornmental movement,” and that dangers from DDT and asbestos (a known Category 1 carcinogen) are “myths.”

Not a place I would think one would want to get a fair opinion for an article.

Secondly, there are many well-documented cases regarding our family members being “misled” by military recruiters, which Dan either chose not to bring up, or has no knowledge of. Being knowledgeable on this subject is a way of supporting our troops, and make sure our peers that join our nation’s forces have done so without being lied to, or their information being illegally stolen in the recruitment process.

We have accounts from reputable news sources such as the New York Times and CBS on how recruiters have used unfair tactics to recruit our friends and family. As well as lawsuits, such as the one involving the ACLU vs. Albuquerque Public Schools regarding illegal acquisition of student information, along with a plethora of other accounts. To name one close to home, I remember the suspended Golden recruiters scandal.

Certainly those who join our military do so with a huge weight on their shoulders, one that we as the citizens of this country should help bear through supporting them, as well as knowing how to protect them from being misled by any bad seeds in the recruitment process.

I enjoy reading commentary from both sides of the gun, so to speak, and I thank Dan for his service in Vietnam. I hope that this response gives the Vail Daily’s readers the knowledge that this subject is not black and white.

Supporting our troops should not be based on blind faith, love, or invalid information sources. It should be a support that is fueled by an honest realization of all sides.

Giving us a balanced view to look at, and in turn create a situation where we can support our troops in word, and deed.

Whether that means sending out more troops, or bringing them home.

Bob Curry


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