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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

No to Ginn

Development projects quite often pose serious changes to areas in which they occur. As is often the case, these changes are not always positive and the proposed Ginn development is certainly no exception.

Most of Florida has been developed and exploited to the hilt, so developers look elsewhere, and in this case, our own backyard, as they prepare to turn the quality of life for thousands of people and wildlife upside down for their own “needs.”

Remember that even if the remainder of mine tailings are cleaned up, this area is still private and of no benefit to the average person.

Large volumes of construction traffic over this stretch of national scenic byway is unacceptable. Those traveling from Leadville and Red Cliff would soon find this route to be a commuter’s nightmare for 20 years!

You’ll be giving up your quality of life so that the mega wealthy may further cater to other mega wealthy.

This project forces property taxes to escalate even further, possibly driving out longtime locals who had planned on spending the rest of their lives in this area.

This project is not so much a legal question for citizens to decide upon, but a moral question. The proposed Ginn development is a gigantic energy hog, further fanning the flames of global warming.

I also do not want any more water being sucked out of our local streams possibly affecting countless fishermen, kayaking and rafting enthusiasts. Nor should we tolerate wildlife to be any further displaced than they already have been. They deserve a high quality of life as we do.

While the tax revenues generated from this project may look inviting to the nearby towns of Minturn and possibly Red Cliff, I would caution them in selling their souls and kicking themselves down the road.

Although not a religious person per se, I am witnessing a growing element in our society that I’d like to call the “Anti-Christ Clan” mentality. They put profits before the environment, wildlife and the natural world.

Colorado is all about beautiful scenery and keeping a diverse and healthy population of wildlife.

Our tourism-based economy is closely tied to this aspect.

For those who look to Colorado to continually rape the land please take I-70 east and keep going. There’s nothing wrong with local citizens wanting to protect their way of life. Let your voice be heard before it’s too late.

The Ginn project is a monstrous display of arrogance and greed.

I stand adamantly opposed to this development as currently presented.

Ron Mitchell

Red Cliff

Football legacy

As the senior parent, memories of a memorable high school football season are slowly but surely waning. I wanted to take the moment to acknowledge what a fine head coach Battle Mountain was blessed to have had for four years.

The extent of things that Coach Engle brought to the program are almost immeasurable. The man is of high integrity and brought to the program much more than the knowledge of the game of football.

He instilled into our kids respect of others, the value of hard work and the reward it brings, the importance of family, commitment to your team, to name a few. We all watched our boys grow into fine young men, Coach Engle and his staff were an integral part of that.

And, now, we welcome another fine man of integrity, our new head coach, Jason Sedlak.

Please look forward to another great season of football, as Battle Mountain is on its way to many more successes, both on and off the football field.

Cathy Roach

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