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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Why we canceled

The Eagle River Watershed Council has made the difficult decision to cancel the March 28 Waterwise Wednesday forum to avoid anything that might prejudice the pending case challenging Denver’s water rights in the Eagle River Basin.

In canceling this program, the Watershed Council strongly denies the claim by Denver Water that there is anything improper in educating the public about this important case. Ethics allow for public education. Additionally, topics for the intended discussion are already a matter of public record.

Representatives from both Denver Water and local Eagle River water providers were invited to share their perspectives on this important water case involving old conditional water rights in the streams across the Eagle River Watershed. Glenn Porzak, representing the Eagle River interests, graciously accepted while Denver Water declined.

The Watershed Council thought it was an important opportunity to educate our citizens about complex water issues that are in the public record ” even with only “our side of the mountain” presenting. Denver’s lawyers then claimed that public appearances to discuss issues involved in litigation and mediation were a violation of ethical principles. Again, we strongly disagree. We regret our decision to use Denver’s words in our March 21 ad promoting the presentation.

With the tone of the discussion turning in a seriously negative direction, we consulted with our local water providers who are fighting to protect our streams. We all agreed that while public education is critically important, we should err on the side of caution.

We want to protect the strong legal case against Denver Water. Cancelling an education program is bad enough, but giving Denver some tidbit that might be used in an appeal against our streams is an even worse prospect!

We apologize to any who may be inconvenienced by this cancellation. Please follow the issue closely in the paper and join us for future Waterwise Wednesday forums where we strive to provide timely, informative, and balanced programs on these important water issues facing the community.

Maria Pastore

Eagle River Watershed Council, Inc.

A Christian cause

May I be permitted a few brief comments in response to Ron Mitchell’s insightful letter of March 19 regarding the impending Ginn Project?

I find it both sad and ironic that one who announces himself “not a religious person per se” has to inform Christians of the divinely-imposed responsibility to care for God’s creation and their own environment.

Perhaps without realizing it, Mr. Mitchell called to mind Plato’s argument in favor of “beauty” over “utility,” recognizing the former to be the greater because it is an eternal value, and the latter as the lesser in that it serves but time.

When Mr. Mitchell witnesses “a growing element in our society that (he’d) like to call the Anti-Christian Clan mentality (who) put profits before the environment, wildlife, and the natural world,” he all-too-often describes those Christians who have moved here and live in favor of Mr. Ginn and his Eagle County forebears.

But worse, assuredly, are those members of the local clergy who remain immersed in their moral minutae and who fail to take an active part against this onslaught. After all, what real worth is your property if your town, and your county, and your soul have been ruined?

Art Allard


Be open-minded

This is in response to Ross Wagner’s letter stating he believes the current Bush administration is not responsible for our involvement in the current Iraq war. There are many issues involved, however, I will attempt to just address what he brought up.

I’m sure Mr. Wagner totally believes and feels justified in everything he wrote. I have found though, that often one’s party affiliation seems to blind people to certain facts or findings.

He is correct in stating that George Bush had the approval of both parties for going to war with Iraq. Why wouldn’t they approve, given the information presented to them as fact. Do you remember the certainty of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld’s statements on national TV? They said they not only knew Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, they also said they knew where they were! Nevermind that it didn’t match up with the weapons inspector’s findings.

If you don’t believe this you can find it on those old broadcasts. It’s not that hard to look it up. NPR interviewed the head weapons inspector in Iraq. I’m sure you could google it and find it if you wanted. It would enlighten you.

I’m curious about what you think of Mr. Wilson’s statements. What motive did he have to lie to the President? And what do you think about the outing of his wife, Valerie Plame, by the president’s men, after Wilson contradicted the information the administration wanted us to have? I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but if one disagrees with the Bush administration they are canned or considered unpatriotic. Just look at the attorney general situation.

I’m not asking anyone to change their beliefs, I’m just asking people to be open-minded enough to listen and ask questions.

Marlene Luczkow


Ski licenses?

In an attempt to reduce the escalating hit-and-run ski accidents, would it be possible to issue ski licenses?

Simply put, I envision all skiers wearing a numbered bib like racers do. The bib’s numbers would act like our car license plates (i.e, indicating the skier’s info (name, address and phone number) on file with the mountain’s sales records.

Admittedly, I’ve never skied. So, I can’t imagine how practical/impractical this solution could be.

However, I will assume that this information is received at the point of sale of the lift ticket anyway. And if the argument against this idea is the cost of implementation, I’m sure adding on $1 or two to the cost of the ticket would be happily borne by the holder in exchange for a safer ski experience.

Susan Meyer


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