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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Mom says thanks

It’s been said that it takes a “village” but in Andy’s case it took a “valley.”

I can’t express enough the gratitude I have for all the people in addition to his family that participated in molding the amazing person who was Andy. From his coaches and teachers, to his peers, to his employers and coworkers, to the community at large. That, combined with Andy’s motivation, enthusiasm and endurance created the wonderful person that we know and love. His first-grade teacher once said that Andy never met a stranger and I think he spent his entire life demonstrating that.

Andy not only touched many hearts but he planted many seeds. The greatest gift we can give to Andy is to nurture these seeds and allow his garden in this world to flourish. Take what he has given you and bring it forth into this world,

I know all things happen for a reason. As we all try to understand why this happened, I know it comes down to trust. Trust in God and the universe. I have to trust that one day we will know why Andy was taken from us before he had a chance to bloom. I know in my heart he accomplished great things and contributed greatly to this world even though he wasn’t here for very long.

Your generosity, love and compassion are truly heartfelt and we are awed by how many lives Andy’s life and heart touched.

Our family would like to thank you all for the contributions who you made to Andy’s life and for the overwhelming support that you have extended to us in this very difficult time.

Karla McCully,

Andy Given’s Mom

SOS kids

Snowboard Outreach Society (SOS) and all of our students would like to thank Vail Resorts, Ski and Snowboard Club Vail, and Specialty Sports Ventures at Golden Peak for their incredible support of the SOS program. Through the SOS University Program, 129 youth received 10 days of snowboarding, core value training, mentorship, and tips from Ski and Snowboard Club Vail members. Our youth decided to express their gratitude to all that have helped:

“Thank you for allowing us to be here and giving us passes that allows us to have a great time at the mountain.”

” Tanya Solis, 17, Battle Mountain High School

“Dear Vail Resorts, thank you for the sick terrain and nice people. Thanks for letting us ride.”

” Mack Gullickson, 13, Berry Creek Middle School

“Dear Vail Resorts and SOS staff, thanks for making all this happen for me. I obviously couldn’t have done it without you guys. Thanks also for the Vail Daily and Eco Buses for advertising us. P.S. Thanks Eco Buses for putting up for us on the buses and taking us where we need to go.”

” Tony Carthy, Eagle Valley High School

“Dear Vail Resorts, thank you so much for letting us ride on Vail! It’s so much fun to be able to go snowboarding on a great mountain! I’m glad that I got this chance.”

” Bailey Garton, 12, Berry Creek Middle School

“Dear Vail Resorts and Ski and Snowboard Club Vail, thank you for letting us snowboard at your resort. Thank you for helping us with our S turns and showing us great runs. I can’t wait to snowboard here next year.”

” Ricky Salazar, 12, Minturn Middle School

Thank you to all that make SOS programming available to our youth. We are very grateful to have such a caring community.

Jon Garrou

Youth Programs Director


Outreach Society

Skatepark pride

I once wrote an article to Tipsline about how proud our community should be, especially our young people, for their respect, care and appreciation they have given for our skatepark in Edwards. In light of the very disturbing call from the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office and the visit to the skatepark I made that Sunday morning to view the very graphic graffiti that someone felt they had to spray paint on the inside of several of the concrete bowls, I still feel the same way I did when I wrote that article. Our community, especially our young people should still feel proud of themselves for the responsible and respectful way they have conducted themselves at the park.

Very frequently during the year I visit the park to see how it is holding up and talk to the kids as well as parents. On so many of those visits the place is very busy with skateboarders, rollerbladers, scooters and bikes. Kids of all ages have such a great time there. I am always impressed with the positive feedback from everyone regarding the facility. I am equally impressed at how many of the older kids mentor the younger ones and how for more than a year now since the park opened there has been very little vandalism. The large majority has shown genuine appreciation for this facility. I am in hopes that this one selfish and irresponsible act of behavior does not reflect in anyone’s mind the good character of most of the people that enjoy this park. So have fun everyone and skate on at the Edwards Skatepark!

P.S. As for the person or persons who acted out this destructive behavior, I feel sadness for you and hope you read this article. I hope it inspires you to think about how selfish a thing this was to do and take responsibility for your actions. This kind of behavior is weak and unacceptable!

Rick Cook

Careless drivers

People listen up: We now have a place to go 60 to 70 miles an hour in a residential area! It’s called Stone Creek Drive and you even can be talking on a cell phone while you’re driving! All the kids riding their bikes and living their lives and people walking their dogs and jogging, hey don’t worry about them.

We love the new traffic light here in Eagle-Vail, but please try to slow down once in awhile when you think about when that light will go red. We don’t need anymore lives lost because of careless driving. Thanks.

Dennis Foley


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