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Letters to the Editor

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Vail CO, Colorado

Right and wrong

This time, both sides have it right, and both sides have it wrong. If we pull out, we satisfy those who now realize our people are dying in a no-win situation and the people of Iraq are dying in numbers that rival those killed during the late Saddam Hussein’s regime.

We certainly haven’t made anybody safer, either over there or over here. If we don’t pull out, we won’t make things any better for either the Iraqis or ourselves, or any of our allies. So, clearly a new solution and a new direction is called for.

Very intelligent people who were quite successful in dealing with these same threats when they served sitting presidents have made very specific recommendations, a few of which this president has chosen to accept, albeit grudgingly. Unfortunately, we probably will have to wait out our own regime before we change any abroad. But to believe those same minds who brought us the Cold War, that if we don’t fight this “war” over there, we’ll surely have to fight it here at home, is to commit the greatest of national sins. That is the one that keeps us from believing in ourselves. Americans have risen to many challenges. We’ve fought in wars ” just wars, wars with clear beginnings and clear outcomes. And we’ve won. That’s not the case here. All that happened with this “war” is the current administration’s selling us on our fears that theirs is the only solution and the only “patriotic” one at that.

This play has run its course. Yes, the enemy will think they have licked us and sent us packing. But, that is not the case and we all know it. That is why we got together and changed the terms of the political landscape in the last election.

We can no longer ignore the threat from extremists abroad. Our current leaders have seen to that. But we can regroup, gather our resources and redeploy them more intelligently and more effectively. It took us a year after Pearl Harbor to begin to turn the tide of World War II at the Battle of Midway. In Europe, we had to land in Africa, then conquer the weakest axis partner in order to deliver the decisive sword blow to the central enemy two years after we entered that war. Today, we’ve been fighting for five years and are no better off than when we started. Neither are the Iraqis, and neither is anybody else. Some would argue, we’re considerably less well off.

The president will do what he’ll do. His ego is out of the bottle and it’s unlikely anyone is going to recork it. But, the Democrats and more moderate Republicans have shown that they are trying to do what they were elected to do ” hold him accountable. If they stick to that, it’ll be an uphill battle for anyone smelling like a self-righteous, lying neocon who insults our intelligence to eek out any victory in the next general election.

Gus Nicholson

Denver and

Beaver Creek

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