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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Something smells

Minturn’s Super Sewer is coming soon. I wonder if it will forever stink in Minturn when they combine Vail and Minturn’s sewage plants? The winds are ideal to stink out the town. But don’t worry, Minturn will enact a stench law and be able to fine the Minturn taxpayers when the smell is too vile ” after all, it will be Minturn’s sewage treatment plant, not Eagle River Water and Sanitation District’s plant.

Is this just speculation or is it the truth? Call your councilman and get the real story.

Joe Brgoch

Terror debate

In response to Ryan Sutters’ “Fight Terror’s Source”: You show the naivete and ignorance of most liberals. You think that terrorism is a result of “population growth, climate change, poverty, water shortages, and escalating oil prices.”

That is laughable. Terrorism is a result of religious differences. Your wife can walk around in skimpy outfits, kiss you in public, vote, and even slap you in public. In terrorists’ minds, she should be jailed if not killed for these offenses. And they are willing to die to make sure the whole world follows these types of beliefs. Are you willing to give up your lifestyle?

David Lambert


Losing paradise

What a strange irony to be sitting in a deli in Gypsum this morning discussing the “unfriendly horse” environment that has evolved in Eagle County only to pick up a Daily several hours later to see that was the subject of the front page article.

When I moved up here in 1976, I left an area in Denver that was quickly converting the wide open winter-wheat fields that I used to gallop my horse through into golf courses or subdivisions suitable for “McMansions” galore.

I didn’t view it as progress when I ran from it there and I don’t see it as progress here when in our wildest dreams we would never have thought that this pleasant rural county would see the day when riding was only meant to happen on snowboards.

The article barely scratched the surface when you consider that along with little girls learning the responsibility of caring for their horses or ponies, that countless children with learning or physical challenges had therapeutic riding lessons at this facility as well.

As a volunteer for the Cowboy Dreams therapeutic riding program I saw so many children’s lives enhanced by their encounter with the rarified air served up with the smell of leather, horse sweat, and yes a little manure, too.

Home to 4-H for a while and also a pony club, Berry Creek Equestrian Center has served the children of this county well.

The sad thing is that the wonderful examples of our rural heritage and western flavor are disappearing and Joni Mitchell really did have it right when she said “they are paving paradise and putting up a parking lot.”

Some people feel a new high school is just what our kid’s need but I am more inclined to believe they could use a little more clean, country air.

Anne D. Fitz

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