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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Campaign finance

In the April 4 debate on the home rule charter, Tom Stone pointed to a public survey where 65 percent of voters polled said they understood the home rule charter. Apparently, Mr. Stone is in the 35 percent who did not.

As time ran out in the evening, Mr. Stone slipped in a last-minute claim that the charter doesn’t require fair campaign practices. He further said “read the charter.” If Mr. Stone actually did read that section of charter, he certainly didn’t understand, or didn’t want to understand the real truth of the words. His claim is simply another in a list of distortions intended to cause doubt in voters’ minds.

He’s quick to point out what he thinks is “bad,” but eludes making a rational argument for why that’s so. Like the handful of other opponents, he’s counting on the fact that you’re not going to actually spend any time questioning the accuracy or quality of his claims.

Here is everything the charter says about campaign and election laws: “Section 6.6 Campaign Contributions and Expenditures. Campaign contributions and expenditures shall be regulated by state statute.

Section 6.7 Election Laws Apply. Except as specifically provided in this Charter, elections for any elected office, or any other election required by this Charter or by statute, shall be conducted as set forth in state statute, as the same may be amended from time to time.”

Fact: The charter contains no other provisions for different election laws, so Eagle County elections must follow the state statutes. Everything stays the same. Fact: if we want to change local campaign finance rules an amendment to the charter must be made (by public vote).

The home rule commission saw no reason to make the charter larger and more complicated by simply repeating state statutes. If it’s not covered in the charter state laws apply. It’s that simple. No loopholes. No ambiguity.

Read the charter at http://www.homerulefacts.com.

Don Cohen, Chairman

Eagle County Home

Rule Commission

Boycott Avon

So the Avon Town Council doesn’t want the town to subsidize the Village of Avon. Guess they don’t realize how much the citizens of the Village and Buffalo Ridge subsidize the town.

Every time we shop in Avon we pay taxes. A ridiculous sales tax part of which helps to pay for bus service. Now they tell us that we are not part of their community and don’t deserve the same services the towns citizens get.

They also seem to forget that the only ones who breached the agreement with the village is the Town Council. They are the ones who made the agreement then decided to ignore it and start bus service without being asked. Now they have thousands of citizens dependent on the bus service. They want to use them as pawns to cover up their stupidity.

Well, we will no longer pay taxes to a town that treats us as second-class citizens.

Edwards has everything Avon does so we’ll spend our money there. I will be writing to the many Avon businesses that we use to frequent to let them know why we won’t be spending money with them anymore. I would encourage others to do the same. Let them know how well their Town Council is representing them and how incompetent they have been with this bus fiasco from the start. Avon’s town council made the agreement. If they are stupid enough not to live up to it they should admit it and move on and not hold us hostage for their blunder.

Dave Niles


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