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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Post office blues

Dear Vail Post Office,

As a community we are all aware of your outstanding customer service and know that a federal job is often thankless. Nevertheless, please reconsider your stance on limiting passport applications at the Vail Post Office to times that fit you.

Currently you are “scheduling” times months in advance. When some one comes to the post office with the welcome sign “apply for passport here” they are not thinking that this will be months of process. I have now shown up twice with application and all necessary paper work and two photos. You have smiled and said, yes, I can see you in six weeks.

I kept thinking that some one would point out to you that this is part of your job to do these applications, but today I found yet again that I was up aginst your calender.

So for the second time in three months, I will make special arrangements for my carpool, etc. as I must now drive to the kind people at the Eagle Post office who are more than happy to take my money and complete the five-minute process.

Thank you, Eagle Post Office staff.

Chip Domke


Budgetary concerns

As a retired businessman I know the value that any large corporation places on a board of directors.

In the case of Eagle County government you’re looking at an enterprise with a $100-plus million budget overseen by only three commissioners.

I support home rule for Eagle County as I fully believe that given the size of our county, it’s sizeable budget and future growth projections, expanding the board to five commissioners will promote better diversity of ideas and sound, well thought out fiscal decisions.

Sandy Treat, Sr.


Nonprofit support

I would just like to say thank you to everyone who came out to support First Descents at the fundraiser ball in Vail.

It means a lot to me to see so many people support something that is so important to me and my family.

I lost my older brother to cancer a few years ago, and First Descents was there for him. It was just amazing to see all the people there for First Descents. They do great work. And I feel very privileged to be a part of something so great!

Thank you again to First Descents and all their supporters!

Shannon McKenna


It’s common sense

I could not agree more with Heather Lemon’s point of view on the immigration question. It is the only sane and practical approach to an important issue facing us today.

With a Democratic majority now in Congress, I think they will join with the president and finally get a deal done.

And somewhat along Ms. Lemon’s line of thinking. I hope so!

Steven Coyer


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