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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Keep Eagle small

Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Willoughby,

I just finished reading the articles in the Eagle Valley Enterprise about your group, Eye on Eagle. I do not know where to start, but here goes.

1. I have lived here in the valley for 28 years and in the town of Eagle for the last 11 years.

2. I do not want to live in an “Arvada-like town.”

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3. I don’t want to live in Edwards.

4. The Riverwalk development is not Eagle and I am pretty sure the majority agrees with me.

5. Big box stores belong out at the Airport Park, if they have to be here at all.

6. Eagle has existed for more than 100 years and it will exist for another 100 years.

Our goal should be to maintain the typical small-town-in-America feel that we have today.

7. The development that is going to happen should be studied and scrutinized vehemently to make sure that we as a community make the right decisions and allow the growth to enhance the small town feel. The small town feel is all we have going for us. Have you been to Gypsum lately?

8. And would it not be unique as a community to look out for the wildlife that surrounds us, and possibly even build on that theme? At the rate of development in the state of Colorado, this is an opportunity waiting to happen.

9. I am so over developers or newcomers to the community who really want to live in a city-like atmosphere and have all the amenities, but move to the mountains and don’t appreciate the wonderful quality of life we enjoy. I kind of like having to go to Denver every now and then and shop. It’s a a great little getaway. Don’t ruin that for me and the others.

10. There is plenty of shopping in Glenwood, Silverthorne, Grand Junction and the whole greater Denver area, and it is not that far away.

11. We live in a different time. Development I realize is inevitable. All I ask is that we take our time and make a plan, develop a theme, before we go and give the go-ahead to developers who just want to make a real estate buck and could care less about our community.

12. All I am asking the two of you is to stop and think about the developments that you support and how they will effect our community. And get out there and talk with people who have lived here their whole lives and those of us who moved to Eagle and the valley before development went out of control.

13. Eagle Ranch was a cow pasture just a few years ago and I miss the cows, especially when replaced with folks like you who don’t appreciate what was here before your grand house.

That is my two cents for the day, thank you.

Julia Denault Parker


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