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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staffVail CO, Colorado

Memories of GrandmaI always heard that saying, Love like youve never been hurt with an ignorant ear. I looked around me and saw the most typical situation of getting hurt by love romantically between a man and a woman, but this experience has enlightened me. Loving someone as much as people loved Grandma, Linda Beagley, is a risk. Its a risk because you become so close to someone that they become a part of your very being. And when you lose that person, you lose a part of yourself and there is not a more painful and trying experience. But I do know that if my 4-foot-7-inch grandma were here, she wouldnt stand for us to isolate ourselves and build walls away from the world. Rather, she would want her legacy to live on through us, in the way that we love. She would want us to remember her, in all her humble glory, and show the world how incredible it can feel to receive the unconditional, undeserved love of another. She would want the 17 of us, and everyone else she poured her servant heart into, to carry on her legacy of love; to love when it hurts, when its hard, when we simply feel like giving up. She would look us square in the eyes, or the chest I suppose, and tell us that there is nothing on this earth, absolutely nothing, more important than the people God has placed closest to you. And I, Grandma, will love for you.Bradie BeagleyWhat about us?My wife and I are residents in the Roaring Fork River Valley side of Eagle County. I have lived here my entire life with my wife for he past 40 years. During that time we have seen many changes take place in our beautiful valley, similar to what you have experienced over there. Like you, I participate at varying levels in the civic opportunities that are the privilege of living in this wonderful country, and especially our part of it!Most of the time, our civic interest focused upon who to vote for, who was the best candidate for the job. Some were good, some were bad, but at least we had confidence that the system was working, and we were benefitting by at least being given the chance to choose. Sometimes, when a specific issue reared its ugly head, we would jump in and flail away to right a perceived wrong at least in our eyes! Again, the system seemed to work, whether we won or lost.Today, the system needs some work! We are finding more and more that the system of governance that early lawmakers created for us is not working, not for the residents on our side of Eagle County. The complexity of dealing with two distinct and different sides of Eagle County is clearly having an increasingly detrimental effect on our side. We rarely speak with a local resident who feels that the system is working for those of us who live on this side. We are not angry, but we are seeking a more fair and representative system. We are seeking a system that places our voice equal with yours.We are asking that you please vote yes on the home rule charter. As you can see, it would be easy for you to ignore the whole issue because it seems to work for you just fine. But put yourself in our shoes for a moment. As hard as the commissioners try, and they do try, they simply cant represent us as adequately as representatives who live here would. That is common sense. We are equally as complicated and complex as your side of the Eagle County world, but we are simply not represented as well as we could, and should be.We ask that you consider how much more effective our government would be if all of the residents were represented equally and fairly. We believe the home-rule charter will give us the best chance to attain that representation, and create a more balanced government for all of Eagle County.Please, dont toss your vote into the circular file! Consider your brothers and sisters on this side of the mountains and, with an affirmative vote, give us at least a chance to continue the process.Willard and Anne Clapper No cheapskateThanks to Julia from Eagle who expressed my feelings exactly and those of many other folks who came here to get away from the city. Ive been here 17 years and am bewildered with the development where the bottom line is the almighty dollar. It has and will change forever the beautiful land that is here. I enjoyed the editorial page on April 13. The Wisdom from the Web was good except for the person with ultimate arrogance suggesting that the cheapskates stay in Summit County.Sandy SchosslerVail Change of tuneI went over to Copper Mountain yesterday to see the free music and ski a mountain other than Vail for a change. It was a bluebird day, the snow was great, and although there were loads of people there, the vibe was loose and relaxed. I wondered how things were going on the other side of the pass. I like watching the pond skimming. Theres been some debate over the choice of Kid Rock as the big band this year, as there was with Snoop Dogg in the past. One of the best qualities of music, in my opinion, is its ability to bring people together. I think its a shame that it has caused division in our case. You cant really blame a promoter for bringing in a band that he likes, and knows will bring in cash. But it seems to be a sign of the times in our no longer sleepy valley. There is just so much contention around here these days! The town that was founded on skiing and populated by a tight community of skiers is gone. That community is now scattered over a 40-mile stretch, overwhelmed by second-home owners, weekenders and non-skiers, and left to survive in the sink or swim environment that rapid growth has brought this valley. Grassroots gatherings such as The Great Race and BB&B grew out of the tight friendship of that skiing community. They were not put in place by promoters or corporations. The focus has shifted dramatically from skiing to making as much money as possible.The Spearhead show was very positive and unifying. I saw lots of fellow Vail folk there, and although it was packed, everyone sang and danced together. Michael Franti even broke into a little Sesame Street, and sang C is for cookie, thats good enough for me. Well S is for skiing, and that used to be good enough for this valley. Its good enough for me. See yall up at mountaintop on Sunday afternoon! Chip BartschVailA better ideaAs a 32-year resident of the Vail Valley, I have witnessed first-hand the growth in Avon and fully appreciate the need for critical services to meet the needs of our expanding community. However, I was surprised and deeply disappointed to learn that an acre of land just north of Interstate 70 is being condemned by the Avon Fire District to be used for one of many new firehouses.Whatever you think of the practice of government commandeering property from private citizens, the property in question holds great potential for a small commercial center to serve our residents. As the owner of the land, which sits between the Circle K gas station and the former Golden Eagle tire center, I hope to someday use that space to open a small restaurant, health-conscious food store, bakery and coffee shop to serve our local citizens.My plan is to have commercial space on the ground floor and affordable/employee housing above the retail space. My concept takes into consideration the Town of Avons mission of having employees actually live in the town in which they work.The Denver-based consultants who recommended condemning the land may not fully understand the other potential benefits that site holds for our community. The uses Ive described could generate up to $500,000 per year in sales tax revenue and an equal sum for the county and state while providing a convenient gathering place for locals. Simply put, there are more logical places for a firehouse.A number of other potential sites for firehouses sites without the same commercial benefits have been too hastily dismissed. I and the many other Avon residents truly hope this decision will be reconsidered. Theres a better solution to both serve and protect our citizens.Jim PavelichWhy the revote? Whats the point of voting the first time around, if no doesnt mean no? What a ridiculous waste of taxpayers money. Maybe we should have kept voting in the 2004 presidental election, until we got it right.Connie KnightEditors note: Colorado state law allows for two votes on the home-rule charter.

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