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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Not convinced

You just get one election over with and get back to your regular routine and then all this noise about something you already voted on starts again. So why should we buy with our tax dollars this new and improved home rule system?

Will it improve the quality or quantity of food, clothes or shelter for me, my family, friends, neighbors, community or even animals, wild or domestic? Will it improve the quality of our air, water or earth. I can’t see it.

Will it at least improve our schools, hospitals, nursing homes (oh, that’s right we don’t have a nursing home in Eagle County) roads, bridges, libraries, fire or police protection etc.? I can’t see it.

Will it put more money in the pockets of any of our nonprofit organizations working so hard? I can’t see it.

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Will it do anything to improve access to medical insurance? Will it solve employee issues for small businesses? I can’t see it.

Will it help any of the construction people wade through the myriad of regulations to earn their living? I can’t see it.

I have spoken to a few friends about it. One already voted for it. She said, “Well it is kind of like a corporate restructuring for the county. I like the people who are for it and I don’t like the people who are against it. Some people are always against everything. Besides it will give us more rights.”

So, I asked, “Like what?” I worked for the county once and every single person I knew was caring, dedicated and overworked. I know for a fact that I can pick up the phone or send an e-mail to any department in that county and be heard. Any person elected or hired will work to resolve any issue I might have if they are able. I do not feel disenfranchised in any way. If the people at the county or the commissioners feel overworked I do not doubt that, but adding another whole layer of government and all that it would take to support such a move does not seem like the way to resolve that problem. More does not always make it better.

I have two friends in Basalt who I asked if they felt they needed more rights. “You betcha,” they laughed, “as long as you keep the politicians over on your side we will take all the rights we can get.”

All joking aside, at least those two people don’t feel they need more commissioners, especially at the cost of higher taxes to pay for it. So, then I spoke to one friend out in McCoy. She says they want the road taken care of better, newpaper delivery and some public transportation, after all, they pay taxes. He does not see what they get for the taxes they pay now, so how would paying more to feed two more commissioners help?

So, I do not care who is for it or against it. I want to know what it will do for all of us. So far I am a no vote.

Jacki Benson


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