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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

New locals

Thanks for your column, “I live here, too.” When you turned the page, Allan Goldberg’s article reinforced your column’s observations.

My father always commented that “Today is the good old days,” when he had to listen to the “old-timers” who would voice similar tiresome complaints about the new residents.

It seems to apply for all times and all geographies. The resisting of change is commonplace, but it shouldn’t devalue the caring and opinions of others. “New eyes” always are hugely perceptive when it comes to what the appeal is, or how something works.

It can be confrontational, but is a point of departure for reassessment. History is a guide. There are times for change.

Thank you for your “eyes” and for the thoughtfulness you bring.

Elaine Kelton

Young advice

This is a paragraph written by a local second-grader in Mr. Abramowitz’s class at Avon Elementary School. The topic was Earth Day:

There are three ways I can help save our Earth. The first way I can help save the Earth is by recycling. I can recycle paper and bottles. Another way I can save our Earth is by reusing. I can reuse bottles. A final way I can save our Earth is by reducing what I use. I can make less trash. These are some of the ways I can help save our Earth.

David Barajas, 8, second grade

Hopefully, lots of people will start listening to our younger generation to learn to be better citizens of the Earth!

Amy Guercio


Stop complaining

After reading some of the letters to the editor, I just have two words for all of you ” lighten up! Everybody’s too concerned with politics and money anymore.

Come on, we live in Colorado! Stop complaining and enjoy it!

Aly Calhoun


Miss that smile

Flo Steinberg: We will miss that smile, that twinkle in your eyes, those “engaging” conversations. You cared about people and it showed!

Cathy Roach


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