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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff

Vail Daily, Vail Colorado COScary experienceOn Friday, April 27, I experienced the one thing that a parent never want to go through. At noontime, my 13 month-old-son and I were in the back yard playing. I quickly went to my car to get my phone and when I returned my son was nowhere to be found. After the gut wrenching yell, I ran back in the house and once again out to my back yard. Through the corner of my eye I saw my son, walking back to me. I ran out (the gate still locked) into my other lot, and picked up my son. As I looked up, a man in a Mercedes drove by slowly. He waved. My heart fell even more, and I knew, although I will never be able to prove it, what had just happened. I walked back into the gated back yard. The car then drove behind my house in the alley. I could tell only by the reflection of his glasses through his very dark tinted windows, that he was watching me. I ran inside and locked my doors. When stepping back out side, and evaluating the situation, my biggest fear had became a reality, which once again I will never be able to prove. I found a police officer driving in my neighborhood, and told him the story. From the beginning, this officer had in his mind that this was not an attempted abduction but that my 13-month-old son just got out of the gate. After a few minutes, I suggested that we go talk to my neighbor. He is always sitting outside. We walked over to my neighbor’s house, only because of my persistence and nothing to do with the officer. My neighbor reported that he had seen the car drive back and forth past my house three times that morning and around the block several times. He noticed the car for a couple of days, at times sitting outside my house. He even saw the man get out of the car at least once and walk to my back yard. I knew at this point that we were dealing with much more than my child just getting out. The officer told me he would file the report, and I guess he did, but because of the discounted feeling he left me with, I felt I had to rely on the community to spread the word. It worked! However, unfortunately, the Eagle Police Department had received a bad rap, and I am still in many ways very disappointed in the way that I felt that day, and with the way that that it was handled. However, Chief Roger Mclaughlin, heard about it and sent another officer over in the evening to check on me and my family. The officer expressed the seriousness of the matter and let me know that they were patrolling the area and would do all that they could. Later, the chief called me himself from Montana and expressed his apologies. Saturday, I had another officer at my door to check on me, and since have had many conversations with the ever-so apologetic chief. He has truly made up for the feelings I had. He and the department have been wonderful. I want to make that clear that they have been in contact with me every day, and I feel like they are trying to make me and the community feel safe. There is still the question of who is this man? Where did he come from? What was he doing? I need your help. The car is a newer Mercedes, such as a S550 Sedan. It is a bigger car, with four doors. It is charcoal, not black but a charcoal gray. All four windows are tinted. I ask that if you know anyone that drives a car such as this, you contact the police. I just want to know, if my assumptions are just that. Perhaps he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is no proof that any foul play took place, the only proof is my gut-wrenching feeling that I had, and still have. I want to commend the Eagle Police Department for standing up for their mistake, and trying to correct it, I really appreciate Chief Mclaughlin and all that he has done. In fact, I think he may have had as much sleep the last few nights as I’ve had. That says a lot about this man. Now, it is just a matter, of answering the many questions, that we have all had. Please be aware, watch your children, and know that anything can happen anywhere in just a matter of moments. Louie YeikEagle

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