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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff

Vail Daily, Vail Colorado COBlame BushPresident Bush’s bloody mess in Messopotania could break up a monarchyThe illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq is in grave danger of toppling one of the world’s oldest monarchies and most certainly the oldest constitutional (i.e. democratic) country in the world – our good friends and allies the United Kingdom. Hopefully, Queen Elizabeth had a few critical words to say to George this week during her visit. However, George would be incapable of understanding a critical remark since he is the “decider” and knows what is best for the world. Why do I say that the blood in Baghdad poses a treat to the UK? Well, until last week voters in Scotland and Wales had been stalwart in their support of Tony Blair’s Labor Party. Elections to both the national government in London and the local regional assemblies had favored Tony Blair’s party for many, many years. Scotland in particular has provided a long list of highly successful Westminster political leaders. Indeed, Gordon Brown, the man most likely to succeed Blair, is a Scot. Imagine the shock as the majority party elected in Scotland just this last week is the highly energetic Scottish National Party whose main platform is to be an independent republic. Until now, the Iraq war, the SNP have repeatedly failed to win control of Scotland, but the voter hatred of Blair’s behavior as Bush’s “poodle” has incited a stunning upset.So, fellow Americans, do not be surprised if in one or two years – as a direct result of the Bush-Blair occupation of Iraq – Scotland has a referendum and withdraws from the United Kingdom! Yet another crowning achievement for the Bush legacy, the balkanization of a major ally! The illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq clearly continues to have multiple effects. My wife and I have just returned from a trip around the world. The sentiment of everyone we spoke with (and there were many) is that post 9-11 the world was with us. However, Bush’s cowboy military (lack of) diplomacy has eroded that sympathy and emboldened our enemies, creating a pulpit for the recruitment of anti-American jihadists. America is less safe today because of George’s aggression. Thousands are dead because of an Oval Office crusade. Impeachment of Bush and Cheney is not on the horizon. In the absence of that let us remember in 2008, and vote for no one who has supported this war!Tom McCaldenWolcott

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