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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staffVail CO, Colorado

Heroic teachersAs we recognize the contributions of our teachers, I would like you to think about the well-chosen Latin motto of Virginia Tech – “Ut Prosim: That I May Serve” – and a teacher who epitomized that motto there. For 20 years students have passed through the doors of Liviu Librescu’s classes to learn about engineering. On April 17, that door became a literal barrier for the teacher to shield his class and his students from harm. Librescu used his body to block the door while as many as 15 students were saved before he was overcome by being shot through the door. Jonathan Turley, Shapiro professor of public interest law at George Washington University, wrote: “Yet in the end, Librescu won. He prevailed by showing that there are things and people worth dying for. His students were worth dying for. In the midst of unparalleled carnage, he offered a symbol that transcended fear and found meaning in sacrifice. He died as he lived, teaching his students perhaps the most important lesson of his life.” Four other teachers died that day at Virginia Tech. As a father of a child attending public school, I have been appalled about what happened at Virginia Tech, Platte Canyon, Columbine and other tragedies throughout our nation. I am also concerned about the extensive media coverage of the evil committed by one person as opposed to the limited coverage of real heroes and all that is good there. I want to personally recognize all the teachers at Red Sandstone Elementary as real day-to-day heroes who are making a positive difference in the lives of our children. Thank you. Lorenzo MartinezMinturnOutraged at gas costDoes anyone else feel as violated as | do when | fill up my gas tank? After reading the article in Tuesday’s Vail Daily, “Cryin at the gas station,” I cannot help but be outraged at comments such as “The reason Eagle County residents pay more is because it’s more expensive to operate a gas station here.” Hogwash, I say. … “There is also very little competition which allows for a higher price.” That comment smacks of monopolization as wall as price gouging! Maybe that is where an investigation into improper business practices needs to start. Then continue on up the ladder to the CEOs of the big oil companies.Record profits were realized again last quarter! Outrageous! Also, for at least the past 35 years the big oil companies have been inexorably making us more dependent on fossil fuels while squashing any research into alternative fuel sources for vehicles. … We should all contact our local representatives and raise holy hell. Greg Douglas

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