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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Enjoying the stories

Thank you Shirley Welch! I look forward to your fascinating story following the Doll family as well as the Eagle County history lesson you are giving us in the Vail Daily each and every day.

You have 100-plus more years to write about, please take your time!

Sharon Bishop

Read the plan

In response to Mayor Stavney’s thoughtless and unprofessional remark regarding disbanding of the Town of Eagle Planning and Zoning Commission, I have a few thoughts of my own.

Maybe you should read, or hopefully re-read, the Eagle Area Community Plan. As I hope you realize, the commission is required to enforce this plan and all other current planning documents in place at the time of a development review.

The commission, as stated in our motion to deny Eagle River Station, believed the zoning plan as presented did not meet several conditions of the Eagle Area Community Plan, and did not meet the goals and objectives of the Town of Eagle.

We thought the list too long and obvious to go into further detail at the late hour (well after 11 p.m.). We were asked to make a final decision.

Please read these documents that are supposed to guide our future very carefully.

Bob Egan

Eagle Planning and

Zoning Commissioner

Quit whining

I recently moved to Avon from Arizona and I am continually impressed with the immense beauty that we are privileged to here.

I am a regular reader of the Daily and I regularly come across letters by politically driven people who apparently can’t find any other way to express their disgust with the opposing party.

To them I say, shut it! No matter what you think or believe there is always an opposite belief or opinion. Do your bitching elsewhere.

Enjoy the natural splendor that abounds around us all.

Josh Michel


A cop’s daughter speaks

I was preparing a letter for the Koch family when tragedy struck my own.

My dad, Paul Habelt, was a decorated sheriff in the state of Texas. He was gunned down during a domestic disturbance along with fellow officer, Tony Ogburn.

It saddens me to not only lose a dad, a friend, a hero, but to lose one of our country’s finest. Police officers are always looked at as the bad guy, the one who writes tickets and takes you to jail.

But the one thing that some people forget is that they are fathers, brothers, daughters, sons, grandfathers and even mothers.

My dad was a very dedicated officer who had served 43 years in the line of duty. He died a hero and his legacy will never be forgotten.

To all the families of fallen officers, may God be with you and wrap his arms around you and keep you safe during you time of tragedy.

Lori Stanbery


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