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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Too many big boxes

In the debate about Eagle River Station, one question seems to have been neglected: Is the project economically viable?

Avon’s big boxes have done well, but do we really have the population base to support more?

It’s been pointed out that folks drive from other counties to shop Avon’s box stores.

But that reasoning ignores what’s happening over the hills: They’re getting their own dose of box stores.

At some point, the fact that there’s only 45,000 people here will catch up with us. Where are the studies to show that all of these stores can make it?

Sure, the first Wal-Mart and Home Depot have made it. But what if there’s not enough demand for Chinese crap and 2-by-4s to go around?

Eagle’s left holding the bag.

As a sidebar, what ever happened to D.C.-based Next Realty’s plan for the “Tower Center” development west of the airport? I wrote in a year ago to ask what anchor stores were planned, and never heard a peep.

We need to know if this project is dead (it’s still just a sign in a gopher field) or is this a pending project? And if its not progressing, did the MBAs in Washington figure out something we should know about?

We’re either talking about a development that was abandoned, in which case we must ask why, or we’re talking about a third set of big boxes for our fair valley.

Don’t you think the question is pertinent?

Show me the studies that say we can support all these stores. Even if you admit that the Nearly Everything Store will be dead, along with many other of the local businesses where they know your name, I don’t see the statistical data being presented to make the case.

Nor do I see the need for a Bed Bath and Beyond around every turn.

Chris Mech


Doll history important

Thank you for keeping a record of the men and women in our area.

This history is important. Without the hard work of the men and women who are here before us, we would not have the lives that we enjoy each day.

I hope you do more stories.

Cecelia Woods

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