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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

What a great season

Our soccer team at Battle Mountain truly is a reflection of our community and we have many to thank for our success. “It takes a village…”, or in this case, a dynamic resort community, to produce a group of girls that reflect us in every way, from demographics to demeanor. Oh yeah, and we only lost once all year.

The school is lead by a team of excellent administrators who have supported us all year. Brian Hester has visited practice and observed our work firsthand. Phil Qualman lives near the field we play on and keeps an eye on all of our home games. Geoff Grimmer has a future Husky in his family and brings him to our micro soccer coaching sessions. Rich Houghton, our athletic director, keeps us focused and makes sure our warmup CDs have been adequately “scrubbed.” All of them work as a team to keep our school running smoothly and support athletics as a worthy part of our mission.

Jim Sanders and the folks at WECMRD allow us to get outside and start training in Edwards in February. This gives us a head start on some of our rivals and allows us to have a true season outdoors, like the boys in the fall. The turf is an incredible asset to our community and seems pretty popular, judging by the 10 ( I once counted them) youth teams that are sometimes waiting to come on after us. With lacrosse booming and soccer doing so well, late football games in the fall and a growing water shortage, let’s hope the Eagle County School District sees the obvious signs and builds another turf field at the new high school. In the meantime, thanks again to Jim Sanders for providing us a “field of our own”. Oh yeah, we never lost on it, all year. Which brings up …

Bob Bandoni and the folks at Vail Mountain School were so gracious to host us for our second-round playoff game. Due to scheduling conflicts, we were unable to get on the Edwards field and the folks at Vail Mountain School allowed us to play a “home” game at “The Bob”. It is great to live in a place where we all pull for each other and help each other. VMS is a magical setting for a game and the kids who play for Bob on the The Bob are truly fortunate on several fronts.

We have amazing parental support. Tania Landauer organizes our booster club and allows the coaches to focus on coaching. She is an invaluable member of a team that includes many others. Special mention goes to Sandy Roberts for setting up our fundraiser at Mustang Bar and Grill and to all those who attended. The elementary school principals and middle school teachers were out in force to check on their alumni, or perhaps to have a social drink for a good cause! Winnie Marcum set up our awesome banners and worked hard on the banquet at the end of the year. Kirk VanHee took incredible pictures for the slideshow. The LyBargers are ever present in their support for all athletics at BMHS and the American National Bank is a valuable ally in all youth activities. Thanks to all of the other parents for helping out at various times during the season and for raising such great young women.

The staff gave us vocal support all the time. Nick Loetscher, Don Hohman and the “maestro” Mr. Velazquez were fixtures at our games and all BMHS athletic events. We needed the support and the shouts of “Si se puede!”

Suzanne Foster put on a great “Footloose” production and also supported our gig as did the wundercoach, Rob Parish. It is truly inspirational to be a part of an entire athletic department that has experienced so much success.

A high school team is only as good as its feeder system and we are lucky on several fronts. We have great coaches like Joel Rabinowitz working with these kids when they are younger. Caitlin and the folks at Vail Valley Soccer club keep them playing at a high level.

The coaching staff of Jen Davin (Western Slope League coach of the year) and Chuck Bunting work to develop these players through their four years. Most of our team has spent time on the junior varsity level refining their skills under Coach Bunting before moving to the varsity level. Our consistent success is not a fluke but the result of hard work and preparation.

We were so proud to bring home league championships with both the boys and girls. We are proud to be from Eagle County and proud to be the champions of the Western Slope. Good luck to all the seniors, you won’t be forgotten.

Boys, preseason starts in two-and-a-half months. See you on Aug. 13. Have a great summer.

David Cope

Soccer Coach

Battle Mountain

High School

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