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Letters to the Editor

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Vail CO, Colorado

Remember school children

I just finished your article in today’s Daily about the ever-present conflict between motorists and bicycles. One of the things that I seem to notice as a constant in these articles is that both sides concede that most negative encounters are experienced by a minority of members on both sides. As a school bus driver for Eagle County School District, I encounter my share of cyclists during my day while picking up or dropping off children.

Something else that I’ve noticed is that a vast majority of cyclists do not believe, or do not realize that they are required to stop (just as all motorist are) for a school bus with its red lights flashing and its stop arm extended (also with red flashing lights).

I understand that it is quite late in the school year to make a request of The Daily on this subject, but I’m going to anyway. Could I request that consideration be given to mentioning the requirement listed above involving school buses and bicyclist be a standard in every article written involving motorist and cyclists?

My hope is that the repetition may actually take hold in some minds.

So far I’ve had way too many close calls between cyclist and children, and although I’ve never been required to administer First Aid to any of my students in my 20 years as a driver, I’d really rather not.

Jade Brink

Enough with the show

It’s “Dancing with the Stars,” except Mayor Stavney is no star. But can he dance. Just read his comments from last week. His remarks, at meetings, along with Town Attorney Ed Sands and Town Planner Bill Gray are so orchestrated that clever doesn’t do them justice. It seems that we will be unfortunately be stuck forever with our own version of “Curly, Moe and Larry”.

The systematic approach to building Eagle River Station is in place. They are taking us down the garden path and probably will get it done. As I said once before, private ownership should be respected but not at the expense of the taxpayer, particularly those taxpayers who can’t vote in Eagle.

The developer is a business man. Let him act like one and take the chances all business people do.

It’s time to cut through this dog-and-pony show the mayor does and call for an election that affects everyone in metro Eagle. The ploy of separating resident and nonresident is despicable. It was so easy for the town council to annex the Eagle River Station property. Why haven’t they annexed the other communities around Eagle? Then we would have a fair representation ” or is that not what they want?

There is no accountability anymore at the government level concerning this project. It is time to throw down the gauntlet and demand an election to settle this issue. If Mr. Riggio wants to continue out of his own wallet, let him do so.

Arthur Kittay


Support Ron Paul

This letter is in regards to Congressman Ron Paul from Texas who is running as a Republican candidate for the presidency of the U.S.

I ask all of you dearly, of all affiliations to take a sincere look at this man and his beliefs.

He is a patriot, a true American who stands for freedom and liberty and I believe he is a national hero.

He’s a doctor, a veteran of Vietnam, a nine-term congressman and a believer in the Constitution. He is the underdog of this election and his recent odds in Vegas were 200-1.

Since his endearing messages in the last two Republican presidential candidate debates, both of which he won per Fox News, he has won over a large fan base of people unaware of this man.

His message is strong, honest and pure and resonates of anti-war, fiscal conservatism, alignment with the Constitution and a right of privacy for U.S. citizens.

His odds in Vegas are now 15-1, how about that?

Tavius Sims

Fort Collins

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