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Letters to the Editor

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Vail CO, Colorado

State Bridge memories

I was deeply saddened by the loss of the State Bridge Lodge. That place held wonderful memories for me.

My former wife Shirley and I used to go there often to hear the band Airborne. Having heard of the fire, I just had to pull out the old vinyl album and listen with a heavy heart.

I will be making a contribution.

Robert Baca-Bower


Our silly arguments

Ah the off season, a time to recover from a long winter and gear up for a short summer. And a time to discuss some of those burning questions that torture us, such as the correct name of our valley or whose opinions are really important.

Since the mountain closed, there have been a few editorials, letters to the editor and Tipsline missives on both topics.

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Willy knew that what really matters is what a thing is and not what it is called.

In our case, out of respect to multi-generational families from this area, Eagle Valley would be appropriate. But if we are trying to attract visitors to our community, Vail Valley has name recognition and should be embraced.

Thankfully this argument only seems to carry any sort of importance here in our little slice of heaven. If this is our only problem, and we all know it isn’t, maybe Happy Valley is the name we should use. One can only speculate what would be happening if a few years ago we had all gotten together to financially support a valley wide marketing initiative.

When the sum is greater than its parts, this idea may well be worth revisiting.

As for opinions, there is another adage about smells that is also applicable. The point might also have been made as “one man, one vote.” and how it assures the health of the democracy.

This community was built by people and families who took great pride in what they were doing. They apparently did not do too poorly as the rest of us wound up here for whatever reasons and our visitors keep coming back.

The old guard established the values and infrastructure that has made the Town of Vail what it is today, and to some degree, what the valley has become. While this does not necessarily make their opinions more important, it stands to reason that the historical context is worth recognizing.

All opinions contribute to the debate and that is what is good for our community. We will do well to preserve the traditions worth preserving as we move into the next phase of development at our end of the valley. It will be a few more years before we really know, but so far the new guard does not seem to be doing too poorly of a job either.

The summer kickoff events have started in Vail and Beaver Creek. Our guests are returning. Pretty soon the days will be warmer and only the nights cool, making this the perfect place for just about any activity you pursue. We would all do well to remind ourselves from time to time that we live in a pretty nice place and enjoy it without worrying about some of the silly things we fret about.

But I guess that’s one of the things that helps to make this place special for everyone.

Stephen Connolly

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