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It’s all about storage


Just wanted to comment on your commentary “How much home do you need” article.

Just looking at your picture you are very young to know what it’s like when you have a family of four and all the things you need to sustain a normal life. When one feels they need a basement, more than likely its for storage, which comes in a very slim portion of any of the homes in Miller Ranch.

The square footage of homes across the nation does not include the basement portion of the home. Nowhere in my 50 years of life do they include the basement square footage, unless they want to make it look like you are getting more home for your money, which we all know that is not the case.

So a 2,000-square-foot home with a family for four is below the average.

Bottomline is storage, storage and storage. When homes run $150-$250 per square foot most of the square footage is used for bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms allowing for very, very little usable space left over. If its not used for storage it is turned into an illegal rental unit just to be able to pay the rent. The legality of the rental is never addressed because it helps with addressing the affordable housing. So the towns and county look the other way to make things look better than it really is.

I agree with you on some parts but don’t feel the total and true story is told. I moved here almost two years ago and frankly its very hard to find anything that is affordable for a family of four. It is much easier if you are single or a couple; there are many places that are affordable.

But when you have a family to support it is very tough to make ends meet and have enough space to keep from killing each other being kept in a 1,400-square-foot place.

I am not looking for a “McMansion”, only something that has enough room to sustain a comfortable life. When you are young you can handle your friend crashing on the couch for the weekends during the ski season and you can put up with more, but as you grow older and the main budget is not to keep the frig filled with beer and pizza, but to have a home that has a bed and a closet to put your work clothes in, rather than the two pairs of jeans and two T-shirts and your snowboard suit to run a lift. It is much different when you are trying to raise a family and hold onto your modest life and to be able to have a little fun. When you have a family you don’t have four people paying for rent, you have two, which up here means working two and three jobs to allow for that 2,000-square-foot home and a basement.

I am sorry, but middle class families ” your professional such as school teachers, engineers, carpenters ” are the core of your workforce and they struggle. When you get into that class you have a little more pride than you do when you are younger.

Yes, you can always find someone that has it worse off but that is anywhere. The biggest problem we have in Eagle County is affordable housing. If the trend continues the only people that will live here are people that have been here before the upturn in the housing market and the very rich.

Thanks for allowing me to share my side.

Kelly Miller

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