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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

It’s amazing

Thanks goodness the mayor and town council of Avon took away the bus service for the less fortunate at Buffalo Ridge. Now they can afford to build that brand new transportation center that will better serve the rich at Beaver Creek. Apparently we have been saved from bankruptcy by this move.

I still find it amazing though that several times a day the town sends those buses to within a quarter mile of Buffalo Ridge for maintenance, refueling and storage at night. I had no idea that extra quarter mile was the difference between prosperity and bankruptcy.

Seriously, please vote in the next municipal election. If we don’t vote it’s amazing what we get stuck with.

Dave Niles


Cut speed, save gas

We all are looking for ways to save energy, cut fuel costs and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Short of each and every vehicle being an electric or hybrid, one of the quickest, easiest ways to increase gas mileage and reduce emissions per mile travelled is to reduce the speed at which you drive. I suggest reducing the national interstate speed limit back to 65 mph, or lower.

It worked before, and will work again.

Hopefully, this will reach someone who has an ear in government, and can get the issued brought up.

Mark Vodopich


Readers helped

I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you to all at the Vail Daily and its readers for their amazing help. Our volunteer Karen ran an ad in the “Town Talk” section of your paper regarding a lost foster dog, a miniature pinscher named D.C. Thanks to her tireless efforts (she is amazing) and the outpouring of phone calls with sightings, he was not only found but she placed him with his forever family this very evening!

We all know how cold it has been and our little guy being on the run for 48 hours had us worried sick. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!

Melissa Denton


Editor’s note: The following letters were written by Eagle Valley Middle School students during the 2006-07 school year.

No more Styrofoam

Dear Editor and Eagle County,

Have you ever heard how bad Styrofoam is? Not only to the environment, seeing as it takes millions of years to decompose, but also to yourself? Styrofoam is not safe to microwave and probably costs more than some other types of materials, so why are you still using it? About a week ago, three other students and I finished our styra-gone project and now we would like to ask everyone to join us and help make an even larger difference.

What in the world is styra-gone? Well, as I said before, it was a project three other students and I worked on that was actually our “Do It” project for science. This is where each person in our science class had to do something that would help the world out in one way or another. I chose to work on this project after our science teacher told us how long it took Styrofoam materials to decompose and later realizing that our own cafeteria used these wasteful products. Then after a student or teacher ate off these materials only once they were tossed into the trash and were off to the dump without a thought for the environment. What a waste!

So we went right to the head of the department of food and food services for our school and began meeting to find alternates for the Styrofoam trays that everyone was choosing to eat from, especially the teachers and district office workers across the parking lot who found it more convenient to use those trays so they could just toss them after using them. After some research and a few more meetings, we decided that our first priority was to try to convince everyone to switch from the horrible Styrofoam trays to the reusable plastic trays which were already another option in our cafeteria. This would only mean that the people who used the Styrofoam trays and switched to plastic would only need to take a short trip back to the cafeteria after eating so the trays could be washed and reused.

By just raising awareness we have already began to cut down the use of Styrofoam in our school, so why can’t you do this in your home as well? You can! Please Eagle County, there are lots of other resources you can use instead of this wasteful product. Stop using this, even plastic is a step better, and a step in the right direction for our future! Next time you stop by the store remember this letter and check to see if you are buying something that is harmful to the world and consider the thought that you are going to pass this world on to your kids some day. Do you want to give them this dying world? Do you really not care? It’s not that hard to take these little steps to the future but we need everyone to join in, so think about it.

Rachel Nagel

Global warming exists

My name is Haley Monica and I am writing this letter to you to inform you of the shape our environment is in. I understand that you have heard many things in the news and media about ways to help our world, but it seems like no one is doing anything about it. Global warming is most definitely present and if we don’t stand up and prevent it, it will get worse over the years.

As a result of this, for a school science project, a classmate and I decided to finally take action! We made flyers that informed people of our community to conserve energy. Also, located on the other side, there was all this information about how neutering your animal is another step to helping our world. This has worked very well for us and I have a wonderful feeling that we might have done a small thing to help a big problem. During this project we had many reactions. As we were passing the flyers out, some people were more than delighted to help while others could care less. But we were expecting that and are trying to help it.

This issue keeps buzzing around our heads and the worse and worse it keeps becoming. Before this project on global warming, I was absolutely clueless about what is happening. That is why I am not only informing you about what I did, but I am trying to convince people that this is a big deal. This is your right, not mine, so it’s your decision to help the world for not only you but your children. It’s time we stood up and take action of this issue. Thank you.

Haley Monica

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