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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Nice ploy

Shame on the new management staff at the Vail Golf club for enforcing a ridiculous spectator rule.

If I prefer to walk 18 holes with a spectator, the spectator must rent a cart for an additional $15. The lame excuse is, it’s for the safety of the spectator. Hmm, sounds like a nice ploy to me.

Oh, by the way, if I decide to jump in the cart, chalk up another $19. Watch out, the marshall will be on the lookout.

Sean Lescelius

Editor’s note: The following letters were written by Eagle Valley Middle School students during the 2006-07 school year.

Plenty you can do

Have you ever noticed that our world is being filled with trash instead of fresh air?

Well, we think that we need to stop that immediately. Whenever you are about to throw a piece of trash out your car window, maybe think of recycling instead. Many people see that there is already trash out in the streets, so they do it and don’t care. This is really bad, not just because you are littering, but because it harms our environment in many ways.

One thing that you can do to stop this is to start recycling at your house. If you do already, then start recycling in your neighborhood.

We have been doing some research at school and we noticed that in Eagle everything goes to the trash. We think that there should be a separate truck that picks up the recycling materials.

Recycling is really important because then people won’t cut as many trees. Instead we can reuse the stuff we recycle.

We need trees because they give out fresh oxygen for us to breathe. Also, planting trees can help because absorb carbon dioxide. Just by recycling half of your household waste you can save 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide each year.

So please recycle or go do community service helping pick trash up. This will improve our way of living.

If you don’t recycle you’ll damage the ozone layer, and UV (ultraviolet) rays from the sun will get in the ozone layer and damage us and the Earth.

Alejandra Saucedo

and Horacio Tecla

A human problem

Have you noticed how our beautiful Earth is changing over the years? And each time our environment is getting more and more polluted.

Humans are littering too much, wasting water and energy, polluting the air with all the trash and gases. It would be helpful, very helpful, if every person would take action to try to care more about our planet.

First of all, the problem that Earth is facing right now is that humans are polluting and not taking care of the environment. There are not many people who care about it taking some kind of action. I didn’t care that much before, but now that I have read, listened, and talked about how Earth is changing over the years, I want to do something to change the way humans are destroying Earth every passing minute.

What I have been doing to try to help our environment is recycling at my house, using less energy, and not wasting water.

Another thing I was doing to take action and for a school project is volunteering at the Eagle Animal Shelter. My project partner, Sayra, and I have been socializing with cats and taking care of them for two-three hours for two weekends. It is a great experience because I have never been around a lot of animals, so I think volunteering is really cool.

Helping at the animal shelter, it has helped me realize how some animals need our love and protection.

Now that I have heard about global warming and a horrible polluted environment, I want to encourage other people to take action to try to care more about Earth, its inhabitants, and its environment.

Everyone, even a 5-year-old, can do something like not wasting water and energy, or simply recycling at their houses. For grown-ups, people can try to drive less or talk to family or friends about the problems Earth is facing right now and how humans are making these problems bigger, and bigger. Students who are lazy, but want to do something about it, should try to use less energy by simply turning off the TV when it is not in use and the lights as well.

In conclusion, I know that if everyone does something, our environment would be cleaner. But if people continue to not care about it, we will have to live under polluted air, toxic gases, not being able to appreciate our wonderful wildlife around us.

We don’t want that to happen, right?

Sergio Omelor

It’s your problem

Have you ever wondered where all of your trash goes, and what it does to the environment?

Well, most of it goes to landfills and

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