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Vail CO, Colorado

Bush sucking us dry

As an economist by trade, I find it ludicrous that we have two ongoing wars, one of which is sucking the blood and brains of America.

In addition, all of our manufacturing is going to China. Many of our customer-service jobs are being outsourced to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc., both oral and written. Much of our mining and exploration have gone to both Canada and the Middle East (e.g. Halliburton).

We have become more unpopular abroad than we have ever been in the history of the United States. Never has an administration been so incompetent in foreign and domestic policy simultaneously.

So what is my point? With our domestic and foreign policies adjoined in free fall, when we can do nothing worse, the president (and I use the term loosely) decides to build an anti-missile base in Europe. In one fell stupid swoop, he restarts the Cold War and proceeds to further deplete a well-battered economy whose dollar is at an all-time low against most foreign currencies and whose only job opportunities are for illegal immigrants.

While it is clear Mr. Bush is not an economist, one has to wonder how he got out of third grade.

Steve Katz

Projects fits town’s plan

Recently there have been several letters and commentaries stating that Eagle River Station does not meet the Eagle Area Community Plan.

The Eagle Area Community Plan was adopted in 1996. I was on the Town Board from 1992-2004 and had the opportunity to use this planning document for several projects submitted to the town.

The Eagle Area Community Plan is only one of the planning tools used by the town to make decisions on land use.

In 2001 Red Mountain Ranch was submitted to the town. The 80-plus acres between I-70 and the railroad tracks was proposed as land fit for commercial use. The town staff, the Planning and Zoning Commission, and the Town Board approved this concept plan partly based on the project’s compliance with the Eagle Area Community Plan.

Regardless of your opinion of these projects, here are some facts about the community plan:

– Community size and character-implementing action No. 7: ” Reserve land around the interstate interchange for regionally and auto-oriented businesses such as grocery stores, larger commercial/industrial firms and similar companies that need high visibility and easy auto and truck access.”

– Diversify the local economy No. 1: “Although there is ample short-term supply of vacant, zoned commercial and industrial property, the county and town should take steps to protect the more desirable, higher visibility and image parcels along I-70. Zoning regulations should be changed to encourage higher quality development such as regional retailers and office/business parks in this corridor and to prohibit uses such as storage yards, maintenance facilities and other industrially oriented uses.”

Eagle River Station is not the same plan as Red Mountain Ranch. However, the commercial development proposed between I-70 and the railroad tracks is the same land use in the same location.

Based on these criteria, Eagle River Station does meet the goals and policies in the Eagle Area Community Plan.

Roxie Deane


Eagle Area Community Plan Update Committee

Editor’s note: The following letter was written by Eagle Valley Middle School students during the 2006-07 school year.

Prevent skin cancer

As you may know, our world is undergoing global warming. Global warming is causing our ozone layer to deteriorate at a fast rate. This causes the sun rays to be twice as strong and as a result more people are being diagnosed with skin cancer.

We may not be able to stop global warming, but we can prevent it from getting worse.

One way to help our Earth is to recycle. It’s easy and everyone can do it. By separating the plastic, paper, and glass, you can make a difference. If no one recycled eventually we would run out of space to put our waste and everyone would live by a junkyard.

My friend and I recently went to the elementary school and taught fourth graders how to recycle and the importance of it. I think we definitely made a difference in how the fourth-graders look at trash and hopefully they can recycle now! I believe that if we educate the public at a young age they will see recycling as a benefit to them and not as a chore. If we all can recycle and reuse supplies, this could help our environment tremendously.

My next point is conserving. If everyone can do simple things such as turn a light off when they leave a room or only use water when they really have to and not waste it this would help, too! Most people don’t realize that just using cold water instead of warm water to wash their clothes can help save the environment. It’s the little things that people do that can make a difference, even if it is just turning off the light when you leave the room.

You can also make sure your tires are always at the right pressure and not too low. If your tires are starting to get flat this can cause your car to produce more gas fumes and that’s definitely not good for our ozone layer.

Clearly, the Earth is experiencing global warming at a much faster rate that we had expected. If everyone can come together and do their part, together we can make a huge difference and save our Earth, making sure it’s clean and beautiful for future generations.

Crystal Montano

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