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War could unite Israel

Now that Gaza is in the midst of a civil war, we can only surmise that one side will win to the point of annihilating the other side as good barbarians do. I can’t wait to see the chest beating and the screams to destroy Israel. This might be the only way that Israel will finally do what is best for all Israelis, clean out Gaza. It’s been a long time coming. Israel has appeased for so long that their population is splintered. It seems that it may take a war to unite the nation.

Forty years after the Six Day War, it is important to remember those events that bring us to today. International law makes a clear distinction between land “occupied” during a war of aggression and land taken as a result of a defensive war. Nasser of Egypt and Assad of Syria proclaimed the eradication of Israel and to explode the Zionist presence in the Arab homeland. Israel’s response was always the same: a simple desire to live in peace. We all know what happened. Faced with potential annihilation, Israel chose to launch a pre-emptive strike, destroying the Egyptian and Syrian air forces on the ground.

The Golan Heights were taken from the Syrians and Jordan was pushed out of Israel, which reunified Jerusalem and helped with gaining control of the West Bank. This acquisition of land was the direct result of Jordanian military aggression. Israel’s legitimacy to this land was clearly defined by the League of Nations, the British Mandate and under Article 49 of the UN charter. The Israelis fought a defensive war and won. That is not a point of discussion. The question of forced mass transfer of populations is absurd. How many Jews live in Arab countries versus how many Arabs live in Israel? Do the math.

Last but not least is UN resolution 242, which calls for everybody to live in peace with secure and recognized borders free from threats or acts of force. Arab reaction was: No peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel and no negotiation with Israel. So much for following the resolution!

After 40 years, the result of this policy has Palestinian living standards at an all-time low while Israel is flourishing even under constant aggression. According to the UN, Palestinians who live and work in Israel are better off economically as well as being healthier.

Forty years after a war of survival, Israel continues to seek a negotiated peace with both the Palestinians and the Arab world. Israel had every legal and moral right to defend herself in 1967 and has legitimate rights within the territory that is under her control today.

Arthur Kittay


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