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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Teens need jobs

Everyday for the past three weeks my sons have been hitting the pavement looking for jobs. They are 17 and 16 years old. They have filled out countless job applications and have been successful at obtaining one job interview each. At each interview they were informed that they need to be 18 to work there.

How in the world can I teach my children responsibilty if there aren’t any jobs for teenagers in this valley? They are both hard workers, proven by the last jobs that they had. I grew up here, but they grew up in Denver and we moved here just before the school year started.

I just thought I needed to express my disappointment in this valley in regards to our youth. First there really isn’t much for them to do recreation-wise, then there aren’t even jobs to keep them busy!

Evette Rascon


Who’s more humane?


On balance, Christianity today strikes you as more civilized than say, 500 years ago. And more humane than Islam.

You seem to have forgotten the Protestants of Northern Ireland and the Catholics of Northern Ireland. And the white members of the Dutch Reform Church who brutally imposed apartheid on the blacks of South Africa.

Both sides on the killing fields of Rwanda were Catholics (my childhood faith). The Hutus set the all-time world speed record by slaughtering 800,000 Tutsis in only 10 days.

More than four million people have perished in Congo’s civil war and there’s no end in sight. One big warlord and his troops wear buttons declaring themselves “Rebels for Christ.” They are Pentecostals.

Robert Mugabe and his wife go to church every Sunday. They spend most of the week destroying Zimbabwe.

Televangelist Pat Robertson was a bosom buddy of his fellow Baptist, Charles Taylor. Taylor gave Pat lucrative timber and mining rights in Liberia. And Pat in turn lobbied for Charles in Washington. Taylor’s forte: Using thousands of child soldiers who hacked off limbs with machetes. And who tormented Buddhist peasants in Northern Thailand? The Lord’s Resistance Army. Their aim was to impose biblical law on the nation. The genocide of Muslims in Kosovo? Milosevic and his Christian Serbs did it.

Genocide in Guatemala was the evil deed of Rios Mott, founder of the evangelical El Verbo Church. He was also his nation’s president. The multitude of the dead were the Catholic Indios. Pinochet of Chile, Franco of Spain, the death squads of El Salvador and Columbia ” in no way did their Catholic religion stay their heavy hands. Thousands “disappeared,” bodies found later in garbage dumps. Hitler was brought up Christian, so were his German legions. Stalin spent time in an Orthodox seminary.

This is part of the recent history of Christendom. Stack the Muslim world against it and you see Islam is strictly minor league.

Enjoy the seminar. Both Vali Nasr and Juan Cole are top-notch. My grandson Scott is attending as a scholarship student.

Sue Dangler


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